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I took it down it doesn’t matter! thanks though btw I am Kit-Kat-KK
Hi. question. why is there like blood dripping from your mouth? is it fake or......?
hey Anthony I have a question.....Have you told ur parents ur tans? if u have....How?
k thanks!
ur really pretty btw
I told them....idk if it went well or not, they seemed to be supportive
Ohhh ok haha thanks
ok ik ur trans but what is ur sexuality I’m trans and gay
do u prefer boys or girls or 50/50 sorry I ask to many questions
I’m a curious soul
um a 0 I’m uglyyyyyy
guys are rly cute and ye I am I’m a ugly potato
u need some glasses then bc I’m uglyyy
ur not ugly I am
why is there blood from ur mouth?
ohhhh makes sence
how old r u?