in my vsco aesthetic series! this might be my fave collage i’ve ever done! the song is more than my hometown that i absolutely love💖 i have seriously been so ready to post this! qotd: fave song


✨#2✨ in my vsco aesthetic series! this might be my fave collage i’ve ever done! the song is more than my hometown that i absolutely love💖 i have seriously been so ready to post this! qotd: fave song

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caption continued..... aotd: my top 3 are heather, driver’s license, pretty heart
wanna collab?
this is so beautiful! I can tell why you’re so proud of it!😻aotd: atm it’s drivers license (omg I’ve said that so much in text that my phone automatically comes up with drivers license😂)
omg that’s hilarious😂that happens with a boy who was in my class but the thing is I have no idea why because I barely ever talked about him on text but every time I put the first two letters of his name in it comes up😳it’s so weird😂
we can how about Monday
aotd: death by a thousand cuts!!
omg it’s on taylor swift’s lover album and it’s absolutely my favorite!! i definitely recommend
wow I love this! it’s beautiful 🤩
oops I meant the emoji to be 💗
stunning! 😊✨
thank you so much 😊
that’s is gorgeous 🤩
thank you!!
new post 💜 (new style~lmk what u think !)
thank you 😊
hello! I’m thinking of changing the whole theme of my collages and deleting all of them. that includes collabs, *ifong have to if you don’t wanna. So let me know what you think it’s just an idea!
*i dont
hey guys so update i forgot to mention earlier this was inspired by @sunshine-aesthetics go follow her!!!!!
this is the collage that inspired me 🤩
thank you ☺️
^my buddy meter quiz
I’m so honored that this is inspired by me!!❤️❤️
this so SO STUNNING!!! all your collages are!!!! 🤩😊 also thank you so much 😊
woahhh I can’t take my eyes off this it’s too gorgeous 👀🔥👏🏻💓🤩😭💖💖💖💖
yw 💓💖
✨S T U N N I N G✨ aotd: drivers license and out of the woods by Taylor Swift lol
I’m glad to hear it! I am doing good as well ☺️ aotd: there’s not a song in this world that makes me happier than Follaton Wood by Ben Howard does ✨
tysmm xx
this is stunningg🤩
Amazing collage any suggestions for tv show or movie characters for this weeks collages
aw thank you🥺🥰and I hope you enjoyed your show💕
this is gorgeous!!
✨new post✨
what did you watch?
oh cool! what sport?
oh haha😂yeah I don’t
but that’s cool
yeah I thought for a sec that the auburn game was a programme😂
aw by a lot?
loving the theme you have going! unfortunately, I don’t do collabs, so sorry! but I can’t wait to see your beautiful edits in my feed 🌸
ah sorry about that but it sounded like it was a good game to watch
i remixed some tumblr girls if y’all want some ☺️
thx ☺️ there’s more under it to 🐸🍄🌿
✨ty✨ I know you’ll make it to 1000 soon!!
tysm!! this is Gorgeous! 🤩💕
thank you!
aww 🥰 thx so much!❤️
sure! it would fit with your vsco theme! :)
what part do you want to do?
ofc! and thank you!
thank you! this is stunning as well!
new post 👡💞
here’s the bg! :)
thank you! and yeah same I’ve only got stuff from friends and family😂
also sorry I scared you by saying bye everyone lol
thank you!!😊😊
thank you
Hello I would like to inform you that round two of my aesthetic’s contest is now out in the remixes of my latest post! Due Feb.14 and Premades are allowed!
Hi tysm
(reply from my extras) omg tysm🥺😭🥰that is so so sweet and it means the world to me🥺🥺🥺💕
tysm that sweet of u
I love your account it’s so pretty and aesthetic
yeah sure!
aotd: heather and one day
also i love your vsco aesthetic series it's gorgeous!!!
(how's everything going with your crush??)
omg tysm!!! you are always so kind,and talented, I love reading all of your sweet comments, and your collages are INCREDIBLY GORGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!!! 🤩😍🤩😍😘💖❤️💕 Lysm @sweet-lavender!! have a wonderful day/night!!:)
btw forgot to say I LOVE your username it’s sooo cute!! (and your icon)😍😍😍
aww tysm it’s day for me too hehe what time is it at where you live?
it’s 11:12 for me
✨please join my mini contest! see my new post!😊✨-sunshiner
yes! wbu?
😂😂forgot your add air pods lol 🙈🙈
sooo pretty 🤩
wowwwwwww 🤩