I tried to do a simpler style, and i’m just gonna post it before i don’t like it anymore 😅. 
a thanks to -mochii- for helping me ùwú 
i hope you’re all doing well, are having a great day, and are happy! 💖🌺✨


I tried to do a simpler style, and i’m just gonna post it before i don’t like it anymore 😅. a thanks to -mochii- for helping me ùwú i hope you’re all doing well, are having a great day, and are happy! 💖🌺✨

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omg this is so COOLLL
I LOVEEE👏🏽🙌🏽🔥🙌🏽🔥🙌🏽🔥
^^ i was almost first-🥺
wHaT tALenT- JSHSJSJ you mean your talent?🥴
YOUR tALenT-🤧😤
^facts both of you are crazy talented😜
and ooo what new dance did you learn
and have you told me before if you did soccer
I do play soccer, and that’s so awesome you’re starting training again
Really that stinks, how come
awwww so cuteee 💜💜💜
oh I understand, that stinks I really hope you get to
^^ bailey, august- you both are talented as well. take my love~😤💘💞💗💓💖
^^ fACTs. aLL of y’all are extremely talented 😤🤧
aweeee soooo cuteeee!!!🌺💖
Aww this is really cute
lee do . ng wook is so cute lol 🤧 but man he’s kinda old 🥴
nice to meet you too Angel. you can call me whatever, maybe sparkle if you want.
i mostly stan ateez, nct, superm and bts but im trying to learn more about the boyz, treasure, skz, a.c.e. and more. (i rlly procrastinate in learning names and stuff but i rlly should cuz i have so much time now). oh yeah i dont listen to a ton of girl girls but some of my faves are mamamoo, loona, bp and red velvet
i’m trying to listen to a bigger variety of groups, and i love it when ppl recommend/introduce me to the artists they like, so thanks so much!
oh you know recently ive been really into the song Hush by everglow and i cant believe i never found about the song until like a couple weeks ago.
ooh that’s so cool! lol i wish i had more kpop friends irl. and yeah! if u ever need some help learning about ateez, i got you.
i really like reading, drawing, painting. i used to play music more often before, but i dont do it as much but i also like that too. i play the piano, viola and percussion and percussion is prob my favorite. i’m also trying to bake/cook more often now but im not that good haha. oh yeah and of course i like listening to music and kpop and procrastinating on youtube
oh yeah and i like playing ultimate frisbee and capture the flag but i havent taken a pe course in a yr or done any school sports in a yr so i miss that a lot. i used to be on the soccer team at school but i dont think i was very good at soccer 💀
lol this yr i ended up joining this dance club at my school and i realized i was pretty bad at dancing too. this summer my sister has been rlly into tik tok and she’s basically self-taught herself to do a bunch of dance moves but i can barely do a body wave
how about you? whats your favorite hobbies?😆💓
omg that’s so cool! i’ve always wanted to learn guitar! and ukelele too. and i wish i could sing lol!
i used to go to a private school where we had like 20 something kids in our grade and so basically there weren’t a lot of girls on the team so thats basicalky the only reeason i got on the soccer team 💀
in high school, i was on varisty but there were onky 8 girls on our team so they were clearly desperate when they asked me to join shdhushs
^wow i keep spelling Ls with Ks im sorry my spelling and fast typing sucks
also good luck in soccer! i wish i was as committed as you. if i had practiced more i could’ve improved but oh well
and yeah this quarantine is so :/
ive been actually wanting to play some soccer but im afraid i’ll like break someone’s window if i play int he backyard and stuff
ahh and it sucks that so much stuff was cancelled this yr
concerts and school events and competitions :((
i miss going out and doing stuff with people
omg tell me about the windshield lolll
HAHAHA you reply so fast and im here trying to type and go back and forth like a turtle
HAHHA OMGG poor car but’s okayy
i dont know if this might be just me and my bad kicking technique but i used to get bruises on my toes from soccer all the time and i think i lost like 2 toenails last yr, (im sorry this was kinda gross and irrelevant but now my soccer memories r flooding back)
also there was this one time i was put as a goalie for practice and some girl shot a goal and it hit the side of my ear where my earring was and it started bleeding and golly that was so painful and after that i was scared to wear earrings to practice
but its interesting cuz our goalie had like a lot of ear piercings, although she’s a much better goalie so i guess getting hit in the ear would barely happen
lol you’re so much smarter than me ajfhhd
hahha yeah me and my poor soccer skills
oh i remember this one time we were traveling and the boy’s team was with us too. and somehow some guy in my class who was on their team won a live lobster from a vending machine ga,e or something (i have no idea how that happened)
but then like the coaches didnt know what to do, cuz we were traveling and its not like we brought pots and pans to cook it. and we also couldnt take it back on the plane with us
so we ended up leaving it with the hotel and they must have been bewildered that some kids just dropped off a live lobster with them
yeah i think they gave it to the chefs and stuff?
weird memories from soccer lol
oh now you passed out?! dang
oh wait i just remembered this time when i accidentally hit the ball at my teammate’s eye and i felt rlly bad
i also accidentally hit this boy at this different school who was in the middle of game with the boys from our school 💀💀
oh gosh i was awful at aiming ig
yup it guess so😓
hahaha it’s okay it happens (with me, a lot)💀💀
uH did it post? LOL
LMAÕ lemme try again-
it won't post KAJSKA
dummie it's up
jk ilysm
this is soooo pretty 🥺💓