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Aww no problem! ❤️😊
U deserve it.
his name is macho :)
anyway why can't you have any pets?? :(
aww thats ok😩🤷🏽‍♀️ yeah i would still love them too
do you wanna collab btw? 🙊☺️
yeah we’re actually pretty similar❤️
aye! Thank you for subscribing Lexi! ✨💞😭
I’m doing decent, aside from school and stress life is good. I’m excited for Christmas though. 🎄 How about you? :)
aw that’s no fun. :/ Hopefully tomorrow is better.. we’re always here
Hi my name is Syd I'm new to PC I would love if you checked out my account:)
glad to hear that! :) Christmas is my favorite holiday. it’s just very festive!
ok firstly that girl is horrible, I’m glad to hear that you recovered Lexi because you are gorgeous for just being you.
I’m kind of a single Pringle but in my opinion you should probably confront him? Just explain the situation and how it’s kind of uncomfortable. If he doesn’t understand then depending on how committed you can ask for space or break up?
*goes back to read what else you said*
If he likes you for you then I believe he should understand though!
my type of girly clothes are huge sweaters and hoodies and leggings. I basically live in them😂😂
oops I meant to say or hoodies lol
of course! anytime Lexi! :)
I hope it goes well! fingers crossed and good vibes sent! 🤞✨💞
hey! how did it go?
awWwWW lex you're so sweet love you ❤
oh I’m glad! You found a good guy then. :))
yeSss i have some tea to spill after exams and all thAt 🙃🥴
Hahah it must be a relief huh? 💓
actually i have some piping hot stuFf i CanT waiT to spill 😤
ill tell you after school because its kind of long 😂
well i was in my math class right and theres this kid named Matthew in there, theres also a kid nam
**named William, and we all sit together at the same table, and matthew asked us two "if you had to date anyone in this class who would it be?" and me and william were both like "uMmm idk". so i was like "who would you date matthew?" and then he started blushing and looked at me and didnt say anything and i was like errr 😯☺️ and then william was like "i knEew iT yoU guYs arE toGetHer rIghT" and we were like "NOOOO" and William didnt believe us and was laughing at us the whole time and naturally my face was so red that my teacher asked me why my face was so red ❤😂 it was SO RED im not even joking lolll
okay well heres the problem, i don't think i can go for it because im pretty sure matthew isnt interested in girls only guys 😤
yeah we should
hes the sweetest guy you'll ever meet like honestly aAaAhHh
oh I just saw what you wrote, lol 😂 so how many did I get right and wrong lol
hey skinkz (r u Lexi or am I wrong haha) it’s Anna! (daydr3am3r) you probably don’t remember me haha