july 13, 2020

this is an original poem by me again , i hope y’all like it !! i’m still redoing my room and moving things out , but it’s getting there🥴


“tap” july 13, 2020 this is an original poem by me again , i hope y’all like it !! i’m still redoing my room and moving things out , but it’s getting there🥴

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Love the poem 💕
I’m good, hru??
ahhhh this is so coollll
you’re so talented at writing omg
thanks so much Emily ♡︎
I really love this
that’s awesome! I’m trying to do my summer reading but I keep getting distracted so I feel you
dudee this poem🥺 so deep
how have you been?
love this wow 🙏🏼
I’ve been good hehe hbu?
omg I wanna redo my room so baddd
please check out my recent post!! 🤗💗
woahhh i love this 🥰
whyy in the middle of the night 😳 that’s when im the most alivee
maybe theres a spirit haunting your house...🥴
hahahahah there was this one time where i was awake vibing like at 12, and i hear a literal. VOICE. DOWNSTAIRS.
it was talking and i had no idea what it was saying, and i figured it was just our security system but STILL
it’s nighttime? you’re awake by yourself? you hear a noise?
i gottA dasH🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
aw tysm !
ahahaha sameee I’m literally gonna cram all my summer work like the day before school starts
ahhh cheer seems so cool but so tiring lol
good luck at your tryouts!!! ur gonna do great dudee 😤👍👍
ahh monopoly is great!
I’ve been good! I got to get out of my house and shop a little which felt rlly nice
how have you been?
omg that’s so cute about your bf haha
also that’s so awesome about your cheer tryouts!
are there like levels in cheer or how does it work?
Thanks so much! this is as well. I have been good, you?
thank youuuu🥺💗💗
ahhhh oh noo
Oh! I’m sorry. I hope you start feeling better soon. Stay safe!
thank u! I’ve been good thanks :) how r u?
oh, okay! I understand haha☺️
are you competitive or is it for school?
nice! I love tumbling it’s so much fun!
yeah it takes a lot of hard work haha
I feel the EXACT same about gymnastics!! that’s so awesome that you’re so passionate about it❤️
yeah I love it! my favorite event is probably either floor or vault!
sorry for the late reply! I’m doing fine at the moment, trying not to think about school. how are you?? 💚
oh my god the aesthetic is 👌👌impeccable
and the poem is🤭🤭
that’s probably a good idea, i hope you feel better soon!!🤍🤍
yayyy! i’m glad☺️
that’s really great! i hope u get better🧡
ooo cheer sounds cool, are you excited?
ahhh oh noo :(( hope u feel better soon dudee
awww that’s cool! i’m not coordinated enough for cheer😳😂😂
I’m good thanks for asking! I’m glad your doing well
yo i can’t even do tik tok dances bro i don’t think so😂
thank youuu🥰🥰
pretty good! quite unproductive but i guess thats ok😂 hbu?
mood😂 all i know is renegade but it took me 528 years to learn😂
oh fippp😂😂
thank you🥰 so is this!
aww tysm!
I’d love to be friends too
my name is Lanie
I love this btw