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Just to clarify, I’m not leaving LOL. I’ve just been enjoying my time offline :) Regardless, here’s the companion piece to my last post >:) I hope you all are well <3 let’s catch up! Please rate 1-10.
QOTD: highlight of the week?


🤝 Tap Here 🤝 Just to clarify, I’m not leaving LOL. I’ve just been enjoying my time offline :) Regardless, here’s the companion piece to my last post >:) I hope you all are well <3 let’s catch up! Please rate 1-10. QOTD: highlight of the week? AOTD: SPRING

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cap continued: AOTD: SPRING BREAKK
the text is amazing ahhh!
HRU!? and 10/10!
this is so cool- the design is amazing!
Girl this is just 🤌 1000000000000/10
so good😫😫😫 love this
also nw i totally get a break haha
taking a break oops*
Ooff the background text combined with the "but goodbye" 😭
Love this so much though!! Your simple edits always get the feelings across so well ❤
Aahh yes, can see how that's really relevant right now :)
this is so pretty, it brings a tear to my eye 😢
100/10. hru? aotd: easter vigil!
fr! if I remember correctly you’re a senior in high school- how has your yr been going? did you or will you do anything fun for prom?
your collages are always masterpieces!
how have you been??
this is so powerful!
aotd: idk talking with a guy I like?
bro this post gave me a mini heart attack—
new post!
AHHH THANK UU- and i love this🩷
I thought you were leaving when I first saw it😭
this is so so beautiful omg the quote behind it!! plus 10/10
aotd: going to the arcade 🫶
ofc! that’s good to hear. life does somehow seem a lot busier!
i’m good! i’m looking for a bit of a change while on my term break…andomg i love easter vigils they’re my favourite! we light candles by sharing the flame with others in the DARK and bells are rung when the saints are uncovered. it’s gorgeous! do you do easter vigils?
yay congrats!
same here! honestly my “love life” is a mess
omg 3?? yay kat, our resident introverted social butterfly 🦋
lol I can barely go to one- ✋
ahahah well it looks bad in the best way possible if that makes any sense
honestly rlly missed pc and you too 🥺 coming back has been quite the serendipitous experience so far 🥹
doing well! spent some time with one of my besties aka also my crush ahaha today!
super fun haha
would you like too collab?🥹🛐
of course!! and i love playing the old mario brothers game, the basketball game, and the one where you knock the clowns down 😭😭
lol that’s nice!! same for me too, how is your relationship life? random lol but today my friend just told me she and her 2yr crush is now her boyfriend and I was like wow fantasies are real🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭
this is fantastic, the layout+hand in front is really unqiue and so good✨
ikr!! it’s always amazing to meet new people and get to know them better☀️ glad to hear that from you!!
miss u!! how’s it going
yeah that’s fine !!
if you don’t mind I’ll just make the chat page and you can text in there whenever you want
oh no my heart 😭 this is so tragic it’s beautiful 🥲
lol same? it’s easier to lean on your little support group bc they’re your support after all :’)
huh? me?? I don’t even know what’s going on half the time. I really am taking it one day at a time 🫠
I’m all ears
oh yea!!! same heree! hope ur drama is all good now! I h8 drama!! but it’s all good I’m very busy but still bored yk? haha
alr I made the chat page !! also I would just like too say who’s doing the bg and text that’s all yk
in the chat page
I don’t know if I will!!! bc it’s a girl and she’s straight AND she’s one of my best friends 😭😭
same!! and thank you so much!!! 🩷🩷
incredible, like the rest of your account!
yeah I saw it the day it came out!! it was SO GOOD the cast was amazing !! did u see it? if you did, did you like it??
hey!! hru??
I’ve got one ☝️ look on the chat page
hello! would you like to be friends on this app? you seemed so sweet and you have stunning collages!❤️👀
I am Alyssa by the way, what’s your name if you feel comfortable sharing it?
Heyy! I haven’t talked to you in awhile!! hru??🫶💕🌷
this is sooo pretty !!
ofc !
tysm! and yours is too oml, Kat!❤️
how about tomorrow? anytime tomorrow
no it’s fine! I also had fun
tysm!🤎 would you like to collaborate soon? I adore your collages and they are so inspirational!
I’m going to posit it now !!
whoa kat that’s A LOT!! I love your friendship dynamic (although tbh it definitely seems like a liiiiiittle more than friends…) but imo you should do whatever makes you happy! are you guys going to the same college in the fall or..? I think you’ve found a really great friend kat and you’re very lucky to have someone like this 💕 best of luck for what happens tho!! ❤️
long story short: I’m a single Pringle
long story: I had a crush on someone but it was complicated bc we were already friends. and then they told me they liked someone else after I got mixed signals. and then the person they had a crush on never reciprocated any feelings. meanwhile I was heartbroken but still didn’t move on. fast forward to right now- I see them pining for their crush but there’s an awkward feeling between us that I’m hoping isn’t just my imagination…?
sry for the horrible writing lol! all of the writing skills I had left after exam season
^reading this is so cringe lm@oo..
I love the little thing around the hands so the text doesn’t directly touch them! and the slightly glowing text is so magical here 💫