✰ c o n t e s t ✰
thank again for 1.3k, your support means so much! 
the theme of the contest is wanderlust!
prizes,backgrounds,and pngs are in remixes!


✰ c o n t e s t ✰ thank again for 1.3k, your support means so much! the theme of the contest is wanderlust! prizes,backgrounds,and pngs are in remixes!

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congrats!! I’ll try to enter soon!
hold on for the pngs I don't have time right now
congrats!🥳 I’ll make sure to enter soon
I remixed everything so feel free to enter!
fair enough! I think that the act should also be revised or reproposed, as it not only changes the fairness of female sports, but also crushes religious freedom and parental rights.
omg congratulations!!
thank uuu!❤️
tysm!! for the sweet comments ur so nice ly ❤️❤️
Abby ur literally so sweet we gotta collab soon
if u aren’t busy can we now? but if u r I understand
awwww tysm! and ikrrrr
so yum yum 😂
and yayyyy
I’ll do the background
and u can do the text
it’s actually a really good show—it’s about the devil or Lucifer, hence the name, living on earth in Los Angeles and his life as he becomes a consultant and partner to a detective in the LAPD and how there’s more to him than the devil and he’s not what everyone believes he is—evil
tyyy ☺️
Congratulations on 1.3k! 😊🎉 Remember me? It’s been a while.
I’ll be sure to enter first thing in the morning
omg sounds fun!!
hello Abby! I am having a pastel themed contest right now and I would love it if you entered! tysm ✰
dude I’m terrible for advice 😂 but I’d say don’t force any relationship and don’t let yourself get hung up on a boy who doesn’t care about you
thank you! and yeah I love those comedy shows too
thank you!
thanks abby💕
I get that, we just have to find a balance I guess
you’re being very respectful and polite about throughout the whole thing, so no worries :)
hi gorgeous ! 💓🥰 for 5 HUNDRED! I’m doing a contest! 🌷🌈 come check out my page for all the details 🌸💘❄️ thankyouu! xo 😚
tysm 💞💞
ok I’ll let u know when it’s done
aw thanks so muchhh
haha...he was sweet and it was short because he got asked to sweethearts by this girl and they started dating and that kind of cut us off. they’ve broken up but I’m over him, I’m just not over holding hands and cuddling
thanks💕i’ll try my best to enter
ok yayyyyy
i’m sure yours looks amazing!! you should have seen mine when i first started... makes me cringe just thinking about it 😂😂
there’s something unbeatable about a boy holding your hand 😂
Aweee thank you!! 💛💛 My name is Sara! It’s so nice to meet you!
its just the feeling of romantic affection that I didn’t realize I would miss so much until I did
hey check out my icon contest ❤️❤️😘
yay thankyouu!!
tysm! 💞
Lol! We are so similar 💕
good! how are you?
thank you 🥰
awh thanks
thank you!
aww thank u Abby!
reflections- is having a contest u should enter
thank you for entering!!! your spot in my contest is secured!! there are 9 spots left and if you tell your friends about my contest one of those spots could be theirs!!💗💗💗have a nice day I will be in touch
awwww thank you so much I’m seraphine
thank uuuuuu so much!
ur so sweet tysm!💜💜💜💜
awww ofc boo
I am actually working on something for this contest rn❤️❤️
ahh tysm🖤
I’m excited to see how it turns out and tysm boo it means a lot
Congrats on 1.3K!❤
thank u Abby ur the best!❤️🤩
gracie_is_here is having a contest you should enter
just a quick reminder to submit your collage for my contest as soon as you can 💗💗
this particular collage is due on Sunday but there are going to be 5 that you have to do and two people will be illuminated each time
ok cool I love them!
ok great
are you excited for 5 EST?
ahh Idk if I can make it by tmr
I’ll try tho