Collage by -Cody


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hey cody.
hello, I’m Brooklyn
how are you ?
that’s good to hear:) I’m good, thanks for askin x
bored and tired at the same time, hah. wbu, mister ?
*stretches a bit* let’s do something ? maybe it’ll make me less tired *giggles*
hey love
we can go get breakfast? *smiles*
oh that’s a cute face *giggles* i’m Jasmine
how are you darling
*smiles excitedly* yay!!
hii im amelia !! ☺️💘
hello mr. cody:))))
*puts on my shoes and grabs my coat*
i’m doing pretty well, but i’m glad your good love
hiiii, i’m ellie x
*lays under the covers and nods* mhm
nice to meet you, how’re you?
hey cody
hello love I’m kait
hey i’m cris
how are you
aye handsome whats up?
could be better. you?
my stomach hurts
okayy. also, im very bored :(
watch movies and cuddle!
yay! *giggles and sits on your lap
i’m also feelings well
how’re you?
jungle book!
I’m alright :) names John
*chuckles and blushes*
yay! *smiled and watches it
Nice to meet you Cody, how are you?
I’m good, but tired
tell me about yourself x
dàmnnnn😍😍😍 - ian
you that lip bite and that hair got me all messed up🥰
your very welcome
*smiles* like 2 ish years. I cut it ever summer and it just comes back even longer
*looks down at you*
you’re very handsome
*slides my index finger under your chin and moves your mouth closer to mine*
*sets my other hand on your waist and kisses you*
*continues kissing you*
*looks down at you* go ahead
*watches you*
*leans my head back*
*bites my lip* mhm
*grabs onto your pants and unbutton them*
*holds onto the back of your head
whats up handsome?
just eating ice cream? want some? *smiles at you
hey, i’m eric
hi there, i’m olivia x
it’s a pleasure to meet you mister. how are you?
i’m alright, thank you x
hi ☺️💘 i'm valerie xx
hehe hey mister i is olive
how are you sir? 💘
i’m okay, a little sick :( i got the sniffles
mhm :(
hehe how are you?
Cody :)
hey I’m Alina
hello, I’m khloie :)
I’m khloie :) aha ,it’s nice to meet you <3
I’ve been sick all day :( so , I’m okay. but thankyou for asking<3 how’re you ?
I wish I had some :( hmPh , I’ll get my sister to pick some up — what’re you up too?
laying in bed , watching princess and the frog loL , hm,would you like to do something ?
I didn’t have anything in mind , -but I’d be happy if your choose
would you like to watch a movie ? - I don’t really feel like getting up ngl
*smiles softly ,with dimples* what movie , and where :)?
I donT mind *moving to make room for you - curling into a small ball,laying my head on the arm of the couch*
hey, i’m maddeline
hiii i’m dynasty x
hey I’m Macy
hi love ; i'm damien
hiya <3
how r u? :)
a bit tired ; but great, thank you x
not really - i’m watching netflix at the moment x
riverdale :)
kinda, hehe x do you wanna do somethin’?
cuddles? :,)
remix ? x
i’m feeling okayy ✨
how about you ??
hi hi I is dia :) -giggle shyly playing wif my skirt hem-
n-nice tv meet ya sir tan u draw wif me?
props on my tiny belly on da ground and kicks my tiny wegs in da air humming gently as I color da coloring book page and my skirt goes up a tad-
colors and hums kicking my small wegs as my extra small panties show-
a bunny dada !
daddy wookie! -lifts up my skirt showing u my tiny tiny parts-
blushes hard letting out a small moan- oh gosh dada dat feels beary good ... I-I wike dat awot
g-gosh mmm -daddy -whine hard- I -I want uppie :( -drips wet -
whine hard in ur neck and makes bouncy motions as I get wet all over ya shirt- d
I want u daddy -pout hard and bounces more as I squirt all over da floor and my link part is gooey wif white stuff-
stuff! -is shy and moans for u becoming a mess- I i wet beary wet
nods hard- pweez! ya !! ya! -crawls into da bed and pokes my booty in da air as my two tiny holes appear- dada pweez
blushes hard and squeals hard - oh dada ... 😍🥵
pokes my booty out further - yes dada I ready ! -nods and grips da sheet- I beary tuff!
my tiny hole tightens around ya as I close my eyes hard- o-ohhhh mmh
pulls down my pants and shows u my petite tiny puxxy part -wookie! -Anna
dat duh wrong Anna daddy -giggle hard as my tiny pink perfect part shows -
just playing -spread my tiny lips apart-
ya -plays wif it and giggle hard as it drips a lot
rubs my self
ya dada -whine small and finger myseof harx - mmh
hewoo I is Ellie
n-ntmy mister