Agh I have just saw the MV and I’m totally JUNGSHOOK!!! 
The choreography was just awesome and they all together look so great!!! 
I’m really in love with this 😍🖤


🖤TAP🖤 Agh I have just saw the MV and I’m totally JUNGSHOOK!!! The choreography was just awesome and they all together look so great!!! I’m really in love with this 😍🖤

47 0
I'm not really a Stan or fan of them but I saw it to and it was awesome.😲
I only love BTS♥️ I don’t like the other k-pop. I fell in love with BTS😍😂lol
I listen to the other but in my opinion I don’t like them.😅 only BTS😂♥️
but I don’t judge. if u like the other k pop that fine with me 😅😂
same 😅 and ur right I will never get out of BTS WORLD♥️♥️🔥🔥 #army💚
the are the best and wow cute and hot humans in the world 😅💕
and I respect ur decision too☺️🙏🏻
forever we are young 🎶🎶🎶💕💕💕
lol 😂that song is amazing 💕
Mic Drop🎶🎤💕
it so amazing and the music video too♥️
Please stan other groups oh gosh HALP
mmm maybe? I can’t remember when you started following my account though but I think I had that icon in January or something?
yeah lol idk
ikr!!!! well have a good night then 💕talk to u later . friend?
if u want to be my friends
omg!!! same girl!!! 😂
okay it fine with my. trust me sometimes I am like I have to be alert when people ask me info! I be careful because there some weird people in this app😂
not u! u are amazing 💕
I’ve actually been on here for a long time but I took a year long hiatus and came back around early November and started making my account kpop (minus that one Voltron edit lol)
if u need anything or if u like to collab some day. I am here!😁😂💕
thank youuuuuu
I think I’ve really improved my editing because man you should’ve seen them two years ago
(actually please don’t there’s a reason why I deleted everything XD)
ahah relatable
thx u any time 💕☺️
I have the edit from the mega collab and another one that I haven’t posted yet and I probably will soon
oh thank you again :)
also I should listen listen to this song even though I don’t really stan NCT that much
yayaya! ik it was fun talking and we have something in common💕it was nice meeting you😁
I listened to Cherry Bomb and it wasn’t my favorite but I really liked Boss
maybe? I don’t really remember lol
I started really stanning and getting into kpop around early October. how about you?
ya! where I am at it might time😅😂
I can be considered old because I’m a pre-AMA ARMY haha take that lol
yeah I’ve heard of a lot of groups but I really don’t know most of them that well
I can name all of the members of BTS, BIGBANG, and Monsta X and I’m working on Day6 but it’s pretty much it
by naming I also mean watching their stuff and telling who’s who
not just listing off names lol
I listen to a few songs from a lot of other groups but I only get super invested in the groups I listen to the most
oh yeah I can also do BLACKPINK
and a couple others
I already think that groups like Wanna One and Seventeen are a lot so NCT is gonna be even harder
I really want to learn the members to Stray Kids because I really like their music
I can recognize a couple of them sometimes but not really lol
oh they’re pretty cool
yeah, totally. they have nine members, but I really don’t know them that well (yet XD)
it feels like a long time tho 😂
variety shows are an easy way for me to learn who’s so
I’m actually not that into EXO
yeah I’ve heard some of their songs but I’m not really into them. plus their fans are super intense like wow
BTS was what got me into kpop (like everyone else l mao)
I didn’t listen to any other groups for a few weeks but I didn’t really join any other fandoms until a while later
yeah, BTS was what got me into kpop but I’m still really glad I started checking out other groups
I know there’s a lot of BTS-only (even more now since they’re super popular) and EXO-only stand
haha same
Monsta X is one of my favorite groups but I still somehow haven’t made any edits of them yet 🤔
ooooh they’re amazing
my icon is Kihyun from Monsta X
also I’m getting a baseball jacket with one of their member’s name on the back and the year they were born in
I know rightttt and I only convinced my parents because of the concert
I’m also broke af
what do you mean? it’s too expensive or you didn’t find anything you liked?
yeah I said something about it on my second account that I don’t really use
yeah! I thought you replied on it but maybe not?
awww rip :( it’s a miracle my parents like me go
@dope_birthday_congrats you probably don’t know that was me or something
lol relatable except that I use it until the battery becomes dangerously low but I'm also super scared of it dying because once my old phone (worst battery problems ever oh my gosh) wouldn't turn on for thirty minutes
ouch yeah
my old phone would suddenly die or shut off before the battery actually hit zero and it would drop super fast
ahh yeah relatable
good night💕☺️
oh lol sorry I was checking something else on here and I wasn't able to respond
also I gotta go take a shower so I'll be back soon
ayo guess who's back?
aw thank you~! ♥️
so is there anything else you're interested in besides kpop?
saameee or when people ask you those “easy” questions that everyone’s supposed to be able to answer and I’m like “idk”
it’s so infuriating for them but I really don’t know the answer
I’ve always hated basic introduction and “ice breakers” so i really don’t like first days of school
yeah right? it's pretty terrible
especially when you're like me and you suck at answering basic questions, like I've said before
oh I am so glad i haven't moved in a long time. but I've been to like 2938489393 different preschools when i was younger and thankfully I don't remember much
and one of my good friends is someone who moves a lot and she says it's pretty bad. she always mentions how all of the teachers want the other students to be nice to the "new kid"
I can see why she would think that since you really don't know who's being nice to you to make the teachers like them better or if they actually want to be friends
yeah same
the main reason why I hate meeting new people is that I have to introduce myself and go through the basics of who I am and I always end up repeating stories I say or something since they've never heard it before and I just find that annoying
yeah I've had some come up to me and be like "l mao this kid is new and they seem pretty nice" and I'm like "umm teacher did I ever mentioned how much I *don't like* meeting new people?"
no hate on the new kid, but besides my hate of introducing myself, I also don't want them to feel like everyone's being fake nice
so glad I'm not one of those people
and I understand the teachers' intentions but that's really not how you want to make the new kid feel welcomed
aye thanks and same
and honestly I’ll prefer compliments like these (actually I have trouble taking compliments in general) over stuff like “you’re pretty” anytime
I like a bunch of weird stuff (kpop included) and people are usually like -__- whenever I talk about stuff I like so it’s nice when people say that they like talking to me
yeah but I’m pretty used to that by now, sadly
also, it’s getting pretty late where I am so goodnight. it was really nice talking to you :)
Trust me, there are such a great group ❤️ there are my favorite
re:// THANK YOU OMG💘💝💗💕💖💘
re:// ahh tysm ✨
OMG 127 followers
That's perfect
Re://thaaaaanks! The edit started out pretty bad but it started looking better in the End. I'm glad you think it's amazing! ♥️
Aww, no problem. Id anything I should be thanking you! You are so kind to me!
Thank you! But, not everyone believes that... ;-; Heh
Haha, it’s ok. I understood your comment!
TYSM your words did mean something. I just feel like my life is falling apart for reasons. Its a good feeling that i know there is someone nice enough to say such nice things and change the way people think about them selfs
You did make me feel a little better and Its nice knowing that I would't be forgoton if I left.
😭😭😭ur so nice!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Tysm you have no idea how much I thank you.
I up followed on accident I thought it said follow me
thank you lovelyyyyy💓💚💙💛💝💝💛💙💚
RE: would you ever wanna collab some time?
this post is amazing. I love your posts❤️
re:// Thank you and u really think so?....
re:// I mean tap the words
re:// I meant that u really think that collage is good?
I love this song so much!!! and thanks for the comment on my edit 😊💕