⛰t a p⛰
⛰i have to wake up at 6 tmr 😔😪⛰
⛰QOTD: what’s ur favourite quote?⛰


⛰t a p⛰ ⛰i have to wake up at 6 tmr 😔😪⛰ ⛰QOTD: what’s ur favourite quote?⛰

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@caption: why
this is beautiful
dude! you have some real talent! like......wth I’m jungshook, btw.....are you a new k-pop fan?
a:/// living without passion is like being dead-jungkook of BTS
oOf well..... 1. BTS 2. GOT7 3. Stray kids 4.BigBang 5. 2NE1 6. EXO (I’m a solo Stan) 7. twice (once again solo Stan) 8. red velvet (god me and solo staning) 9. black pink (sorta...) that’s pretty much all WAIT NO! 10. Pentegon. keep in mind I’ve only been a kpop fan for 5 months so....I’m bound to Stan more groups in the future
for like 2 months I would only listen to BTS on repeat and only support them and called myself a “k-pop fan” but like you really can’t call yourself a “kpop fan” if only Stan one group
wait....also I Stan CLC (hobgoblin gives me feels)
true true
OML I’m kpop trash leave 10738393082829209......it’s actually unhealthy
I am in the most dark side of kpop there is....I have lost my inceont soul
beautiful! aotd: live more and worry less
jungkook’s are what keeps me running
ok bUt fEliX acCeNt tHo!
hip thrusts kill me..
AOTD: too many to choose 😂
I’m a proud Aussie so I can say Felix’s acCeNt is one acCeNt
SKSJSK have you seen when chan reacted to promise by jimin and at the start he calls everyone BABYGIRL! I actually died
omg so pretty!
I know! I actually feel like punching cube ENT! like my baby!
no probs
be my guest! 😂😂
this is my phone background (without the text, obviously) 😂
aotd: i have a lot of them haha
ikr! it’s not hard to think of a style lol
dude trust me.......inspiration hates me, that’s why half of my edits are inspired by other peeps on pc since I can’t come up with my own ideas
good to know I’m not alone😂
dude I realate......I’m so excited because I have this idea for an amazing edit, but when I actually try and make it......only god knows how it turned out so bad
I honestly don’t know how I got so many followers when like I never post
mines already under its grave...
about 500 for me
I’m sorta thinking of restarting my account......what do you think?
ohhh you should see how much I’ve tried then
yeah I probably will.....
I’ll only keep the collages I like
I really should restart my account but I’m to lazy so I’ll tell myself I’ll do it tomorrow but I’ll get it done next year
brb gonna go change into the other account
ok I’m back
want me to make a chat page?
yeah my lazy àss is not gonna go make a chat page then save it then add the fonts in phonto
there is no way I have the energy for that....
ok what now....
there must be something to talk about.....like you’ve been a kpop fan since 2014 and Ive been a kpop fan for 5 months yet my world evolves around 7 Korean men who don’t even know I exist yet live and breathe for their existence
yeah posting schedule.....that I 100% will stick to☺️
ok that’s on you hun
should we hold a bio contest? I feel like we need one
once a weeks good, but like we’ll probably end up posting more since there’s 3 of us
now what?
awww bye~ I have to go😪 I’m going out somewhere and I’ll probably be on in like a couple of hours. MAYBE
padfood I am so jealous of you
I’m procrastinating on memorising a long passage in old Chinese argh
it’s for a frickin dictation on Tuesday
Chinese is bad enough and then you have old Chinese in 繁體 for the whole subject 🙄
well not old Chinese for the whole subject just the words in that
you are so lucky
I mean I have to Chinese history as well so
it’s so hard argh
you have to learn like every single dynasty and memorise the economical aspect etc for exams 🙄
tbh the education system in the world is unfair
you shouldn’t determine how well a person can do in a job because of their studies
everyone has their weaknesses and strengths!
and you’re wasting paper by making us study!
shouldn’t they be you know, saving the environment first?!
my mandarin is so bad
I won’t be able to post
that is much easier because I get an A in history
lol I don’t even text anyone in Chinese
ooft terrible i'm feeling the frustration of maths...hbu
wanna have an icon contest!
this is STUNNING
oh cool
thankooo actually I was thinking that we could do a joint account with a contest and games to promote versatility in making collages , what do you say?
this is Crooksies btw
imma remix something so I can tell you the password
comment something on my main so I can remix it to you
omg this is BEAUTIFUL
no problem 😊😊
omg I love your little chinese username watermark
also, padfood don't trust that spread the love acc yet...no offense to her or you but on not sure she's trustworthy. new acc suddenly after the drama today and then she immediately asks about love official? super suspicious.
*I'm not sure
also she's giving me weird love official vibes... wondering if it's actually her.
meh too! imma dying from all dis homework already😑😵
ok, I lied it’ll love your account....