saw this quote and figured that I just had to use it in an edit 😂 
here’s a reminder to go check out my extra/writing account @etcetera_ if you haven’t already ✨🌿


saw this quote and figured that I just had to use it in an edit 😂 here’s a reminder to go check out my extra/writing account @etcetera_ if you haven’t already ✨🌿

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omg I love love love this!
omg why do i love this so much🤩
omg this belongs in a magazine or like on my wall, framed
I loove the colors and how you placed everything 😍
so pretty 💗😍
this quote 😂🧐 also, this is a beauty!! 👏💓
wow I love the quote!! ❤️
This is incredible!!
Yess, I've seen 5SOS at myt tour, so I'm really excited to see them again. Have you seen them before?
i’m loving the vibes from this omg sjdhjs so pretty🤩
love this!!
i love this quote ! and i need to start finding new music because i’m always listening to the same music all the time
ahh this is AMAZING😍
i’m honestly open to anything and as long as it’s got a good beat and the lyrics speak to me i listen to it
except most of my music is in my sad playlist for those kinds of nights but i’m trying to find some new upbeat music
i really like alec benjamin’s music tho
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Love, love LOVE the quote, sooo very true 😃👌👍😆
Yes, I totally agree. And the new album is great, so I'm very excited to hear those songs live :)
wow this is amazing!! the quote is awesome 👌😂
This is honestly the best edit I’ve seen in a while. I feel like I always say that when you post but you just keep on raising the bar for everyone 😫👏🏽😂💘 And again, THANK YOU so much just for even reading it omg and I might get back on short story posting for real, as I’ve been avoiding writing on my main story for a bunch of mini side quests 😂💖 And OH MY GOD THAT THING ABOUT CHARACTERS HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME 😫✊🏽 Yesterday I was going though some old files of plot ideas I had and realized some of them are actually, not terrible? 😂 And felt so bAd for having dropping them after comparing them other books or shows. I think part of my writing slump comes mainly from my story revolving around gypsies and, then, of course, I watched Peaky Blinders and now... 😂🤷🏻‍♀️💖 Some decisions need to be re-checked 🙏🏽🤦🏽‍♀️💕 So I super duper feel that slow progress but Hi to everyone in Luck of the Crown from me 😂💘
And of courseee I also love Paper Butterflies 😫🦋👏🏽✊🏽 Just from the bits you’ve shared of it I can just picture a whole word spreading across hundreds of pages. I think it’s just such a beautiful, touching story and... I think it’s just “heavy” in a way, you know? As in, it’s a grounded story—not something a breeze might blow away or topple 🙏🏽💘
i will definitely check those out ty !!💙
favorite movie is either love simon , five feet apart , or before i fall
they’re all amazing and before i fall has an amazing message and i just loved it sm
favorite book has got to be sylo by dj machale . it has 2 books after it i have yet to read but i gotta read for school too and i don’t wanna get all the plots mixed up
i love this quote😂👌🏻also the whole aesthetic of this collage is so nice🍊✨
omg yesss kayaking is so fun and relaxing. (I didn’t even get burnt yesterday very very thankful.)
Tell me when you publish it! I’m pretty sure I’m following your account already..
My names -dreamcatcher4ever-
wowwww so pretty 🤩🤩
this is incredible 🤩
& thank you 🥰
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I love this btw! ♥️♥️♥️💕
I love these colours 🤩 very cool!
Thank you ❤
i really fricken like this 😳🥵
no bs
this actually snaps 😍
goOd jOb 😍👏