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hey, I’m dynasty
hiii, it’s nice to meet you sir!
*smiles back* how’re you today
I’m good now, a little bit bored
I’d love to *smiles sweetly*
frozennnnnn *giggles*
*smiles and follows behind you, sitting up on the counter*
Hola, love the name by the way :)
*giggles when you do so* now I’m as tall as youuuuu
*nods and wraps my legs around you loosely with a slight blush* yes sir
*blushes even more as I slowly drag your lip from your mouth with my thumb* you’ll hurt yourself doing that sir
*blushes deeply as I kiss back and nod when you pull away* much better mister Ashton
hewwoooo! - dynasty
hi there (: - valentine
*giggles* how’re you mister?
it’s nice to meet you, I’m valentine
*watches you bite your lip as I smirk gently*
*traces my fingers along your torso seductively*
*wiggles around a little as I run my fingers through your hair and whispers in your ear* hmm what’re you doing daddy?
*bites my lip as I meet your eyes and smirks again*
*is left in my lace brā as I take off yours too*
*moans and instantly becomes wet and bites my lip again*
*tilts my head back and closes my eyes as I hum in pleasure *
*grips onto your shoulders as I bite my lip harshly* mmh, daddy
*moans and lifts my hips a little*