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hi! I’m sorry to hear about this :( I’m sure she is alright and just needs time away from their phone, although I’m still a bit worried for her. I’ll keep them in my prayers. hope you’re doing alright! I’m here if you need to talk <3
oh man that’s scary :( hopefully she is alright though.
im sorry you are going through this rn. it can’t be easy :( im here for you angel!
don’t apologize it’s alright! I completely understand. it’s really difficult and when they goes through this moments, it’s always scary.
don’t blame yourself. there isn’t any thing more you could’ve done ! you did all you could and that’s okay.
I have to go now but i’ll keep her in my prayers. im sure everything will be okay <3
I’m sure you did all you could. you sound like a nice friend. laia is very lucky to have somebody like you :) it’s all good. no need to apologize! 💘
oh my gosh, u must be going through a lot rn!! yea i am concerned for her, and her family & friends including u!! You must be going through a lot, hope everything is ok! It's so scary..
Always here for you & I agree with @dollparts laia is rly lucky to have a friend like you:D
omg I’m sorry you had to go through all this. Laia is really lucky to have a friend like you. i really hope they’re ok, and I hope you are alright too. there are people out there who can support you. sending virtual hugs and love~
and I’ll keep both of you in my prayers too 🙏
hey I’m back on my main and I just saw your message 🥹
I’m glad I could help, even though they still feel the way they feel. being there for them was the best I could do, I wish I could provide better support, but I’ll ask god for that help.
Yh glad I could be there for them, and if you need any support you can pop in also :))
hello! I’m so sorry this is happening to you! I’m praying for her so much and I’m very worried about her! Please pray for her as much as you can and just to let you know, all of us are praying for her and we are all hoping she’s ok!
I will most certainly keep both of you in my prayers!! You must be going through a lot!If you need to talk I’m here for you!!
Please 🙏
You’re so welcome! are you ok?
Yeah... I just feel for her, her going through so much and then she committed suicide-
It's okay! I'm sure you tried to do everything you could, you're a really nice person with a caring personality 💖
yeh I’m ok but this is very hard to deal with and Laia was one of my best friends on here and I loved chatting with here. I’m quite scared 😟
Always here for you!! 💖
Im so sorry, I hope your doing ok, thanks for keeping pc posted
it's so upsetting 🥺 tysm for keeping us up with the updates tho, i appreciate it 💖
thanks for keeping us posted ❤️
we’re here for you bby, i’m honestly so sorry you and her and everyone else important to her have to go through this. this must be so difficult://
we’re all here for you and her no matter what!!💘
this can be so scary to talk about, thank you so much for doing this. updating us means the world bc we care about you and her so much <3
don’t apologize, this is very hard to do. sending my love to you both :)
even if things don’t turn out that well, i really wish the best for you both, as you both deserve it <3
Rip laia
we’re here for you 💋 stay strong ❤️
I hope your okay as well, and sending prayers ❤️
sending prayers for you and laia’s fam ❤️ she’s going to be missed
I hope you are ok! keep going🤍🕊