♥️ tap ♥️
okay okay sorry I'll slow down with the newspaper.😂
but anyways this is kinda different from the edits I did before. hope you all like it.


♥️ tap ♥️ okay okay sorry I'll slow down with the newspaper.😂 but anyways this is kinda different from the edits I did before. hope you all like it.

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also- thank you all for the amazing comments on my last post. special thank you to _serein_ haha~☁️
THIS IS SO COOL WHA— jkasndnzkznskx
how are you so talentedddd?! 💖💕🧡💕💜💖💙💚💞❤️💞❤️💕💙💖💓💝💕💖💝💓💕💚❤️💕💛💖🧡💛💗
so pretty bochi!!
oml talent though
5 star meal jajdksjc
i don’t even remember what i said to make your mood better, but your welcome 😌😌
i loove this 😫🤩
re// no problem!! you deserve all the compliments! :)
oh lmãooo
this is so beautiful 💕
omg this is so so pretty🤩
aw ofc☺️
the retro vibe i dig so hard👏👏👏
But I LOVE the newspaper!! 🤩
she really did say “when I comeback I’m gonna be better than ever bby”
thanks is to put respect for Jonghyun him and I share a birthday and I wanna share it with him like how I use to but this is the closest I can get I wanna be respectful and make it all about him and not about me anymore on my birthday he was a great man who inspired others and helped others who really needed it :) in a way he inspires me also
tbh I really miss him and I miss him more and more as it gets closer to my birthday every year it’s a memory but he wouldn’t want us to feel the way he did when he passed so I don’t want to think negatively
okay that literally hit me hard
but I’m proud I went through the experiences I have lived with
it’s okay 💖💖 and thanks 🥺
also I have a love- häte relationship with milk
there I texted you on VSCO :)
no need to chill w it bc it looks great~
re// Thank you!! I learned from the best~!
Perfect, but I still love you more no matter what!
OkaY okay!! Fine
this is gorgeous🤩
when i first started editing i used newspaper for every background and it looked trash😂 BUT U MADE IT LOOK SO GOOOD WHAT I LOVE IT
this is amazing 💛
omggg yesss 🥺👉🏼👈🏼
uhmm anything is fine with me! you know i’m bad at choosing stuff 😅
what do you wanna do?
i like the first two and the fourth one 😊
what about you, which ones do you like?
oKaY 😂
haha okay, thank you 💞
you don’t have to apologize 🥺 i asked you to, and i’m glad you trusted me enough to do so. i know how hard it is to open up like that. it takes a brave person. thank you for letting me in like that. there’s no reason to apologize, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it, okay? it’s okay if you regret telling ME that. again, i wouldnt blame you 😅 but don’t feel embarrassed about having feelings and sharing those feelings. i just want you to have some sort of outlet. i just want you to be able to talk to SOMEONE, even if it’s not me. because i know that talking about things can help ease your mind and help you better understand what you’re feeling. and if you do understand, it can help you let them out in a healthy way. i just want you to be happy. and i don’t want you to pretend you’re okay when you’re not. not with me. i love you so much 💞
of course i know i can talk to you. it’s just a little hard for me to get over myself and actually do it
i just got here and they’re already yelling at me 🙃
i got yelled at for interrupting her work bc i wanted to say hi bc i haven’t seen them for a week. 🤡
oops. my bad.
yeah..! they’re busy working so.. nothings really happened 😅
nO ☹️
i’ve been refreshing LOL