TYSM! You all are the best followers!
Please enter my giveaway! And I'm so sorry I re posted it again!
If I have any typo's do not mind them 😂💕


⭐️✨Click✨⭐️ TYSM! You all are the best followers! Please enter my giveaway! And I'm so sorry I re posted it again! If I have any typo's do not mind them 😂💕

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done! and congrats, girl! 💕❤️ thanks for putting my user in there, it really means a lot💖
Done! CONGRATULATIONS!!!🎈🎉🎊 (for the second time😂)💕
thank you so much!!!💕💕that means a lot!
fanpage. that would be cool, thank you💕❤️
TYSM for all the sweet comments! Fanpage is taken for the prize! please comment prize ideas! 💕
Shoutout? if you can do that then I'll take the shoutout! thank you!💕 Also, in putting you in my bio, what emoji do you want next to your name?
thank you so much for making the fanpage! 💕❤️
A shoutout is a collage for one person that says stuff about them and ummm... yeah! but you don't have to do that if you don't want to, you can just do a spam if you want😘 thank you!
I would LOVE to be your frand! xx
CONGRATSS! You deserve it!! xx
put u in my bio yesterday
oh here is a suggestion for the prizes a icon giveaway
On your account?
Sure! Would you like to do the background or text?
ahh yes!!! I'd be honoured to😱😂💕❤️
IDEAS: icon pack, complex edit png (for those who make them 😉) any other idea?
I think you should post them separately, then everyone can see up close at how awesome they are😉💕❤️
Thank you sooo soo much! xx
Actually, I'll take an icon pack, I'm so sorry but the shoutout is a collage and I don't want it to ruin your account's vibe😘
NOTES: Everyone people can choose stuff, even if it's taken, since all of you are winners to me! 💕
IDEAS: Pop page vote(but you have to have a page on there), features (if I know how...), shoutout in bio💕
Sure! I don't mind PC icons! and Thanks!💕😘
cool! good luck!💕❤️
thank you so much! the colours really explode, huh? 😂😂😂(see what I did there?)
hi 👋 💕
how's life?
pretty good. what do you want to talk about? (cuz I have no idea😂)
yeah, that's ok. I left too😂
hey, I'm bored, wanna collab again or something?😂💕
lol, no problem at all! it's your thing anyway, not mine!🙂💕do you wanna split the collab same as last time? except we could switch the parts?
your in my bio
wonderful 😌 how are you??? 💕
this is so exciting!!! 1K!!!! Congrats Frand ;) You deserve this 100%... Keep inspiring!! 🌻 xoxo, Ani
thanks! I'm glad 😂😂 I thought I'd come back and no one would remember me ahaha
hahaha!!! it was pretty hot😂but cooler than where I live!😂😂😂
hehe! where'd you get your icon? it's super cute😍
what collection?
I just wanna see if there's something like it😂
not the same picture of course
haha it's okay! I'll have a look!
haha no it really didn't before 😂
you were very inspiring
do you want to collab??
maybe we can use one of those backgrounds from the icon thingy😂
which one
or the one with "flowers in her eyes"😂😂
we can do the flowery eyed girl😂😂😂
ok! I can do half the text and you can do the other half + finishing touches! does that sound good?
alright! I'll get going!
Girl, shut up! They look great! thank you so much for making so many!
Can I have an icon pack please?
quote: "there is always flowers for those who want to see them"
it's okay ik you'll do a good job!
ah, I get it! that's pretty cool!💕 I like it!
I mean you can do whatever you want you can change the whole style if you want😂😂😂
and ok, macaroons it is!
At least 4 or 5 should be fine, I love to have a variety of things! I really like simplicity, if you have We Heart It you can look at my collection titled 'simplicity' for some photos :)
Yes! But you may choose any simple photo you'd like :)
cool! I'll get started now
wait... do you know how to get some of the old fonts back? because I kinda want to use them, but if you can't get them, then I'll use the newer ones
ok, awesome! brb!😂💕
hi! 😊💕
I love them!
Thanks again! and sure!💕
not much! sorry i didnt get back sooner i had to walk my dog 😆
if you're not busy, may I have an icon pack? tysm💕
I would love an icon pack!
If you are not busy, of course!😘
I do want 4-5 icons, but you said 5 and there were only 4 photos. But yeah, I love them! 😊💖
Could I have 5? If it is too much, please let me know! I looked at your remixes and the icons look beautiful!
😘😘😘I am obsessed with your icons!
Perfect! Thanks so much!!💕💕
how many do you normally make, 3 or 4?
BTW, you can delete those remixs now that you know the photos I want :)
Okay! :)
wats up Asian buddy😂😂🍚
I was just checking out izzybell15's post and I saw that you were making her an icon pack and I was wondering if you could possibly make me one? If you don't have time or don't want to I'm totally okay with that! ☺️
congrats girl
fireflies please go check my latest post
lol same life is boring😂😂😂😂
Probs all of them!😂😘
The one I'm using rn💕
Ok! Thanks! I will fill them out ASAP! 😂
What'd you do for Easter?
The only problem I have is that my username is over 6 characters...
sorry! can't chat... got to go to bed!💕
please go and check my profile ASAP beacause I posted something very important that effects you
Congrats Lily!! 😘💕😆
Congrats!!!! 😘💕👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Congrats! 🎉 🎉 🎉 Lily, you totally deserve it!! Your account is amazing and just stunning!
lily you won a giveaway on my page and if you don't contact me soon I'm going to give it to someone else
tbh I didn't do anything for easter😂😭but I was gonna go shopping but then it was closed soooooo
It's totally okay
hey lily do you still want me to make you a profile pic
Sorry I keep bugging you, but are my icons almost done?
yeah :/ Is that one of the Cirque De Soleil shows? I went to Mysterie. or mystique or something like that idek 😂😂
😂Well, I love them!
hiya friend!💕❤️
what's up?
I'm about to go to bed😂good night😴💤
Read my bio, I gave a shoutout to you! :)
congratulations you are worth so much more💖🌹🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
I'm putting this on my news thing
CONGRATS!! this giveaway has made the giveaway/contest page in The PC News
I did it