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pps. i used to live in the paper town of niagra falls, its a worthless paper town full with paper people who do the same routine everyday and dont care about anything, so i left. queensbury is an adventure im having alot of fun. maybe ill move on to another city later. maybe ill go back to my paper town, im only 14 so theyll have to send authorities and stuff but im fine lol. i wanna have a good life, i am margo roth spiegelman inside
ppps. ive only been gone for a couple days.
pppps. ive been margo roth spiegelman long before the book came out. i was born like this, so no im not a copycat trying to get attention on pic collage unlike most of u
she went on private😔
just live a life where you'll be happy, just remember all of the friends and family you're leaving behind
OMG tysm! but some of my best PC friends do that strategy, I don't necessarily agree with it, but I respect them and what how they decide to portray themselves on pc❤️
that's good that you are home now! I don't think you should run away again, your family will be worried sick! and if you DO come to kingston, I live there soooo, just don't go to the north end (it's kind of a stereotype, but bad things can happen there) and princess street is where the stores are, there's a soup kitchen really close to the big store section, so u could go there. there is a lot of cheap motels u could bunk out in. idk why I'm telling u this, I just want to look out for u, I don't want anything to happen to u, I don't want u to get hurt in the process