takin a break byeee see ya whenever

I'll be on here commenting and liking but not posting- might do stuff on other accounts idk


takin a break byeee see ya whenever I'll be on here commenting and liking but not posting- might do stuff on other accounts idk

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aw bye fren😔
(click on the caption if you haven't already)
k see ya around
okay, I'll miss you but have a good time with your life until the. etc
farewell fellow trash
thx m8
omf same
oh sorry😂
(reply) same and wowie that's cool
i've just started listening to the japanese house recently and it's so beautiful❤❤ty for the comment
no sorry :( but if you search "things I've done project blank" on google it'll pop up
no problem!
Hey m8 we've been internet frens for a year!! 💕🖕🏻
(it's a prank bro)
hello fren. I just wanted to check up on you, see if you're okay and to let you know that I miss your presence on my feed but I understand and I'll wait for you
hey thanks fren! I'm okay, thank you for checking up on me! I miss being here!
Hey I'm not the most active anymore either, but I was wondering if you're still here and if so what's up
heyyy I'm okay, not the best! cant seem to find like real happiness but that's okay it'll get better
I really appreciate y'all still thinking about me that makes me stone cold heart a lil warmer
I actually think I'm turning into a hermit like the only times I've enjoyed myself lately were when I was alone and I kind of resent being with other people?? I'm no where near saying I'm perfect but people are jerks
wowow update I have friends for the first time in forever what??
guess what if you actually talk to people they think you're funny and talk to you
I know right
the lesson here is to stop wallowing in self pity and do something about that overwhelming sadness that is in the end all your fault!
also I have exams next week then I won't see said friends anymore so that kinda sucks a lot
if there's anyone reading this has any drama been goin on in the pc land
^^ nope except the new update is shīt
awh i'm glad you made some friends and heck that sucks i'm sorry
i hope you did well on your exams (i'm literally nearly three months late whoopsss)
hey idk if you remember me, but I was wondering how you've been :)
ahh hi!! I'm doing great, thanks!
haven't done my summer reading and school starts in three days whoops
well three day was four? days ago so how was your first day? 😂
better than expected! teacher didn't even discuss the book so I'm good lol
my friends seem nicer, too, and I made two new ones
algebra 2 sucks
heya long time no see im glad you made new friends aghh high school may seem like shît at some point but sometimes you just have to fight through the bullshīt because it's the only thing you can do but the outcome is great
heya hi thanks bud
high school will always seem like shît at all the points but you're right
hi wow it's been a long time how are things ??
what a long break lol
heck it’s been a while
great! i guess! went to the doctor for some issues (losing hair, fatigue, a weird culmination of flu symptoms just for a day two weeks ago) and we had some blood work done and everything perfect except for an auto-immune marker and low iron levels soooo I’m going to a hecking rheumatologist this weeks so that’s a bit frightening
*everything WAS perfect
dang i can’t type
how’s everything on here?
oh man i hope things work out?? i've never heard of a rhuematologist i hope that's fun and not too frightening i'm sure it's not that serious but i hope the best for you this week 💖❤️
oh goodness thank you!!
turns out no rheumatologist in my city sees minors so I’ve had to wait until this coming monday to get an appointment- it’s two hours away urgh
it’s likely just hormones but there’s a small chance it could be something serious
I’m really not intending this to be read I just need to type it out
it's been so long and im 86% sure u aren't gonna answer this but how are you!! are u ok!!!