brov bröther

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thank you so much!
Would you like an icon? I have an icon maker! You can get a wonderful icon with ombré and more!
aww that’s so sad 😭
haha i make big scare
hello bröther
yeah I hv my other account which basically uses only the doodle and I can’t post bCz the tool is really laggy nowadays
ikkkk but like she rlly is an angel🥺 and thank youuu and ahh yes we love ryan
yeas it’s so annoying bleh
hey just fauna_ here to let you know that round 2 is out and the results from round 1 are also on my account (round 1 was not an elimination round btw) 🌸❄️☀️🍁
and I love yourssss
it does 😂
that’s my least favorite child
thank you you’re amazing!
thank you :)
ur the bestttt tysm 😭💕
ok💗 maybe like a beachy/ summery theme? i don’t mind tho xx
fauna_ here! (again:) I just would like to remind you that the due date for round 2 of the season games is Monday. Please enter soon!🌸❄️☀️🍁
tysm💞 and yeh it sucks :(