Happy Sunday everyone! 
I can’t believe January is almost over. Thank you for all your amazing entries to my contest so far, they’re all gorgeous! 💗How are you?


Happy Sunday everyone! I can’t believe January is almost over. Thank you for all your amazing entries to my contest so far, they’re all gorgeous! 💗How are you?

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let me know any new styles you’d like me to try or any styles you really like that I’ve done before. Trying to experiment a little bit 💛
This is absolutely beautiful I love it!❤️
this is gorgeous
I’m with my cousins
it’s snowing by usssssss
^ 💕thank you so much! I love the text too!
i love this so much
I was wondering….could you please collab with me sometime!? 💕
also pc won’t let me remix on your previous collage, so can i remix it on here?
where do you live?
btw I redid the collage for the contest
thank youu!
and i’m glad to be backkk!
Hey! I’m doing good, slowly getting better 🙂
IKR!! I can’t believe January is almost over! Time flies!
oh my gosh THANK YOU SO MUCH
happy sunday :)
omggg your style never gets old!! beautiful!! 🥰
this quote is perfect for february too. a lot of ppl forget that valentines day can be about self love and focusing on yourself :]
this is so beautiful!!! thank you so much that means a lot!
my acct likely won’t be private but just inactive
This is absolutely stunning!!
I’m good hru?
love this collage I just wanted to say bye I am leaving pic collage thankyo for making this account it has made me sooooo happy
this is so pretty! I love the font combo!
New post please read!
This is so pretty 💕
this is so so pretty Lauren!
is it too late for me to enter the contest??
Ik I’m glad I fixed it too😂😂
OoOoOoH what app do u use?
this is so pretty! btw would you like to be friends? <33 :)
btw @caption: im doing good thanks! hbu?
my collab with h_perfect_planet has been posted! (also read the post preceding that one for info)
new post!Also this is amazing🤩
ahh stunning!!
thank you <3
this is stunning 🤩
whoa this is beautiful! 🤍
beautiful 🤩
Absolutely lovely❤️
❤️❤️❤️ hello! I just posted a new collage! please come and check it out! pls give feedback 🧸
☕️new post☕️
Hello!! was wondering when the contest winners will be announced? thanks :)
🤍new post🤍
new post
This is so pretty! I’ve really missed this!
ahh your text >>
omg uni applications ! scary ! what are u applying to do? and good luck that sounds so stressful and im glad ive got a while to think
ive missed u so so so so much
im doing well thanks - quite busy with school but coping at the moment! cant wait til half term i just need to relax
its so lovely to see u post frequently 🥰🥰
i genuinely cant remember the last time i posted😭😭
tyyyyt!!! ❤️ hru?
hey Lauren hru?❤️
new post ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
🎉new post 🎉
so gorgeous
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the contest extends for 2 more days!
it was due one Monday now it is on the 15th!
contest extended to the 20th
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pls follow me
I am new to PicCollage
should I post a picture of me to show you guys who I really am?
hey how are you? ❤️
hey Lauren, hru?? i hope ur doing ok 💕
also, when will contest results be posted? and also do u have any tips for text collages?
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hey! new post! 💛
new post
hey Lauren! would you be interested in joining my spring contest??
follow me plz #_saja_
soo pretty 💕💕
Hi! I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ if you like Harry Potter, but if you do, sign up for my Harry Potter CONTEST
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hi hru???
can any of you follow my account it’s cute-kitty35
trop beau🤩🤩
hii hru?
ur edits are very pretty
Lauren how are you?
hey Lauren how have you been♥️
omygosh Hi Lauren how’ve you been? it’s good to see you back on again!💕☺️
hiii tysm!! how are you?
hi lauren! excited you’re back, how have u been?
how do you do these?!
wow so gut
can you follow me and i you
hi Lauren!! not to pressure you or anything but when will contest results be out?? thank you!
I’ve been missing you too Lauren!!! can’t wait for you to be back on here! I’ve been good thx!
yesss !! amazing !!
what are you doing ?
I've been good thank you, I just had my spring break
Glad to see your back!😊❤️
I don't mean to put any pressure on you but when will the contest results be out? Take your time, I'm just curious!😊
HII!:D I’d really like to know you!
I absolutely love ur collages!! They are beautiful!!
Can we collab?
new post !
thank you so much Lauren!✨
I’m good spring break just needed for me hbu?❤️
hey i’m a returning creator on here and if you want you could check out my account there i have affirmations and quotes that can help with self confidence ❤️❤️
new post !
stunning as usual ✨ how are you??
so cutie
this is so cute
that’s cute❤️❤️❤️have a good day!!! :)
love it
follow meee 🤪
ok that sounds fun
Hey Lauren! hru?
hi, I really like your posts! 😊 can you please follow me and tell others about my account
so pretty, would you like to be friends?
oh my gosh wow!!
hello! I am a returning creator and I’d love if you’d check out my account! 💕 hint: beach vibes included! 🏝 🍑 💗 ☀️
hi how are you?
heyyy u seem so sweet and all ur collages are beautiful! would you like to be friends?
omg this is so beautiful
please follow me
hiiiiii u have a new follower ur collages are amazing! im fairly new to the pc community, and honestly ur work is amazing keep it up!😚
i love ur work! Also I am new too so I would really appreciate it if you guys could follow me.
heyyy! ur collages and you seem all amazing! would u like to be pc friends? ☀️
ahhhhhh you so so talented i LOVE this collage so much i can’t🤭💗
hey! after taking a break from pic•collage I am back and I’ve reposted some of my collages and also some new ones!😁 check em out and follow😉❤️
surprise!! after 11 months away from pc, i’m back! let’s catch up ☺️
your account is gorg!💕🌸
This is PicCollage. We unfortunately lost all of our data on the app, and we needed to create a new account. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this error in our service provider and we will hopefully get this resolved shortly. In the meantime, please follow this account to gain support for this issue. Thank you, PicCollage
Hey I need ✨followers✨ Please follow me!! BTW I really like this pic😊
hi I’m new come check out my account
hey girl :) miss u
i love this
new post!
hi how are you?
hi!! I am Dora!! hru doing? hope we could be friends💕💕your collages are always a wonder!🫶
you are da biggest bird
this is so beautiful! your account is in general!
omg! this is so pretty! could we be friends?
aww same here! how’s life?
how have you been Lauren? 💕
suscribe me please 🙏🙏🙏
follow 🌺for a follow back🌺
heyy 🥹 how have you been
congrats! 🎉
could we be friends?
omg this is so cuteee! obsessed with this collage! I'm good thanks, wbu? 💓☺️
omg hey! are you back? I've seen that you commented under someone's collage! hope we can be friends<33
hi I’m new! wondering if anyone wants to be friends?
Hi I’m new come check out my account!
hey Lauren hru? 💕
Hey sorry for copy and paste… Your account is gorgeous and I would really love if you check out mine! Thanks!! 🙏 👍💛
Sooo cuteeee
OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH😭😭 this means a lot coming from you<3
I always loved your account, your collages are so inspiring💓 would you like to be friends btw?
Awwww thank you! It's been so long girly! How are you?
OMIGOSH! thank you so so much, that really means a lot to me coming from you! would you like to be friends?? 🩷
thank you so much (again haha)🫶
your collages are so beautiful
Thank you ❤
thank you Lauren 💕 I hope all is well!! missed u and ur stunning collages :)
aww thank u🥹
oh my god! thank you so much like I can’t think you enough! you’re my pc idol and this is a dream come true omg. thank you so much for following me i’m so happy omg 🥹😍
would you like to be friends??
TYSM! 💖💖💖💖💖💖
oh my gosh I would LOVE TO!!!
hey! how are you doing? 🫶
omg Lauren?! 👀👀 heyyy thanks!
I’m doing really well actually! just started uni and life has been hectic but manageable! hru? I’d love to keep in touch here or on a different platform :)
I've been amazing! Has anything exciting happened to you?
Heyy Lauren I saw you online. How are you?
you are so friendly 🫶🏻💕💓
🩷 God loves you!
Heyy I’m great how are you?
what time frame would you like to do the collab? sometimes i’m not active for a bit because of school haha<3
i’d love to do the text! your background are absolutely stunning <3 should I make the chatpage by making a remix onto this post?
Hey, I've been doing great! I hope uni is treating you good, how many more years do you have left?
hi! I’m Chloe i was wondering if you could give my account a shoutout. my dream on PicCollage is to have as many followers as you! also your account is awesome
okay great!
thank you so so much!❤️❤️❤️
please come check out my account! I’m new here! also happy thanksgiving!!!🦃
omg your are amazing
you are so good
oh my gosh i’m so sorry 😭 i’m going right to the chatpage i’m really sorry i’ve been soooo busy
and i’m doing okay I guess. hru?
PLZ follow me!!!!! I only have 5 followers! Aesthetic!