this is my favorite taylor swift song,,lmk if you like this and what should i do next


🌸enchanted🌸 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: this is my favorite taylor swift song,,lmk if you like this and what should i do next

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it’s one of my favorites all time!!!🫶
@caption I LOVE ITT
This looks so pretty!! Love how you did the enchanted text 😍
hey thank you so much!
are you going away?💕 my day was also good, but we had a long travel to Sicily!😭😂
Amazing and incredible collage
love this!
hope you’ll have a great time though!
ahh yes it’s wonderful here!
amazing <33 ahh so pretty
your welcome
Thank you!!
sure! so today we went on a tour with a guide to a Greek town called Syracuse and it’s wonderful! there are a lot of old buildings and theatres! the food here is also su good! I’ve eaten a lot of ice cream today-enough for the next few days I think lol! but I’ll eat more haha😂
of course <33
yessss can’t wait to see it 👀
yes haha same! how are u doing? 💕
I’m good too! what have you done today?🫶🏻
ahh amazing song+collage💗
thank you!! I just graduated this Friday, and when was your date?
sweet! <3 good luck with everything💗🥳🌻
sounds great though! I’ll go tot the beach now and I’ve been to Agrigento today! It’s beautiful there!🫶🏻
thank you! you’re so sweet!! how was your day?🫶🏻
hi! this is gorgeous 🩷
sounds good! it rained today so we read a lot and watched to😂
i’m doing great oml!! what have you been up to?
thank you!
I’m reading a book from Stephen hawking for school rn and you?❤️
awh thank you!
ahh I love! what book are you reading?💕
absolutely gorgeous!
YASS QUEEN!! Hmm probably enjoy the last summer, read some books, chill…AND STUDY BRO🌷💔
ofccccc! hru????
I’ve never read that but I’ve heard about it! what happens there?🫶🏻
this is lemon_zest right? this is stunning btw! suggestion: more artist songs, like definitely taylor swift! are you going/have gone to the eras tour?.?
all the best in your senior year <3
same here :) it’s a special year for us hehe💕
hey! are you still on? how are you?💕
Amazing and incredible
we could definitely collaborate sometime