Collab with the amazing...
EverythingSwify!! She is amazing and so sweet...✨💕


Collab with the amazing... EverythingSwify!! She is amazing and so sweet...✨💕

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thank you so much for collabing with me! It turned out absolutely incredible!
so so pretty!!
I never said it wasn’t made by you, but you got inspired by other collages but didn’t give credit, that’s rlly rude and mean.
wow beautiful
yes but the STYLE is by someone else
plus it doesn’t take much effort anyway, why do you keep denying?
woah sorry that sounded so mean I don’t know how else to word it sorry
Oh well 😔 it’s ok I’m used to people being rude to me.. And this collage was a collab!!
sorry but I wasnt talking about this post
as I said before it doesn’t take much effort to give credit🤦‍♀️you just make a collage based of other people’s work and put their usernames in the caption, it’s not hurting anyone and it’s doing the right thing, I don’t know why you still don’t want to even after so many people asked you to. it’s not hurting you after all
Then what post
and before that, my friend said you stole collages off the internet and background collabs of someone, as long as you give credit, no one will be mad at you
as I said before, I’m not even talking about this post🤦‍♀️I commented on the ones I’m talking about
Yeah ik
then why do you keep telling me that this is a collab?
also I apologise for sounding rlly mean and rude, if I hurt your feelings I never meant to💕
I wasn’t talking about the theme, I was talking about the STYLE😂
Oh lol 😆
b e a u t i f u l
thank you!!
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amazing oml
sure we can collab
Yup I agree!! When do u wanna start??
Hi your collages are amazing, please like my latest collages it’s for a Contest and it’s who gets the most likes thank you Xx
Idc. I can make a background if you want!
Ok sure
any particular theme?
I LOVE HAWAII. you'll have so much fun
sure ofc we can collab do u wanna start? background or text? and tyyysm!
that’s ok with me!
ok I’ll start the background and send it to u when I’m done then you’ll add the text perfect
Ok great thank you
ur welcome love!
yes u r the only one still talking about it
it’s fine
I didn’t start it yet
for the collab what’s the theme again?
Tysm everyone is so lovely here !!
awwww tysm girl ly 🥰😘💖
hey can u please join my seasons games thanks if u do
gorgeous 😍😍👏🏼
I hope you like it! The text goes in the Polaroid
Round 1 is up!
“Guess Me” Results have been posted
No, I absolutely love it!!
i love this!! This is my Favourite Collab ever!! good job guys! 💕💕
how is the collab coming?
hey r we still collabing?
I want shush so buys
what was I supposed to do again? the background?
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you still haven’t entered round 1! If you don’t, you’ll be eliminated! 😬
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Hi! I was wondering how things were going with the collab? No rush, just wondering
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K saw that you're leaving and jut wanted to say goodbye and best of luck in life!
sorry just saw you were leaving😢is it ok if I delete you from this join account but I can add you back into it if you come back or still want to be apart of it?
hey I’m so sorry that you’re leaving, hope you have a wonderful life outside a screen💕
I wish you the best of luck
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hi can we still collab?
love ur theme and style!!!
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wanna collab?
love the flowers!!!
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this is stunning 💕
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thank u
you’re account is amazing I love all of your collages soooo much!!!! you are such an inspiration!!!! 🤩🤩🤩
Sorry for the copy and paste! Hey there SUPER amazing collager! my HUGE goal is to get a feature and to get to 1k!!! I would be SO SO HAPPY if you could help by following me! thanks!
of course I remember you!! I missed you so much!!! I’m so glad your back!! 💕💕💕
also sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner I’m on vacation in Lake Tahoe