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thankyou! I just thought I’d let you know that right now PicCollage won’t let me make collages properly so, I might not be able to fully participate
it does not let me do any effects to photos or pngs, but I can do things like text and drawing
Yup! That’s me! Lol jk! But it’s ok!! ❤️❤️
yay 😊
come check out my latest post !
ok thankyou!
thank you :)
I’m changing my username! Please come and have ur say! All you have to do is remix what u like! Thanks!
Thnx fav💕😭😂❤️❤️❤️❤️🍧
please come give ideas for a username change! thnx so much!
Amazing and thanks so much for putting me in team diys
Thanks, Also we haven’t talked in a bit, How r u
thank you so much!!
Thanks! I’m good too!
Also, Imma post Round 1 soon
Round 1 is up! Your task is to create a collage including a Polaroid png! No pre-mades! Due 12th November!
Thank u
hey gracieee! remember me? I still love your collage as much as I did before❤️ check out my account! I’m back!
How is my bestie westie mint ice cream 😍😍🍦😘😘
Babes mint ice cream bestie westiee😍😍😘
Ur very talented toooo😘😘😘😘
Also, my sister wants an account but we have to associate an email and we only have two available. Shall I give my extras account to her?!
Ok! Thanksss
She was things of usernames
What do u think of the following:
Thanks! Good night! Sleep well!!
gorgeous!!! please come join my icon contest!!!😄
Haha ur funny nope ur more talented bestie westie 😍😂😂👏🏻😘
thank YOU!☺️
Incredible?! I wouldn’t say that..but thanks