6.6.22      Goodbye for now ❤️ ((TAP))
I’m still going to be here today and tomorrow:))


6.6.22 Goodbye for now ❤️ ((TAP)) I’m still going to be here today and tomorrow:))

69 0
aw we will miss you💞💞
Byeee! well miss you!
I’m taking a break too!
aweee I’m going to miss you so much
I’m taking a break too!! summer is on the way
I'm gonna miss you too 😭😭😭😭
have a good break!!!!
Awwwww thank you so much!!😊
NOOOOOOOOO!! I'm going to be you so much, and all the nice comments on my page!! Your like one of my best friends on here, I hope you have awesome summer! I'm going to miss you so much well your on break. I can't wait to see you online again ilysm!!😊☀️
have a great summer!!!!! I hope to see you back on!!! I will miss you and EVERYONE that’s taking a break.literally (EVERYONE)anyway.. enjoy!!!
we will miss you! take ur time ! ❤️
Have a good break!!
aww we’ll miss u! have a good break~ ❤️
Thank you!
Thank you :)
ofc, and THANK U!
nuhhhh im gonna miss you!
have a good break tho!
just posted my last post
Have a fantastic break ❤️
your account is really cool :) I would have loved to get to know you, and I still would, I’m lojo!
hey! remember me?
congrats on reaching 1400 evi!!
hey!!! hru?? :)
I miss you so much girl hru?
Congratulations on 1,400 you deserve it!!
have a great break!!
heyy! hru? i miss u sm! when ur back, is it ok if we collab?
aw that’s great i’m glad you’re back and that i’m hearing from you!!!💕
i’m good too, just tired and a bit stressed!!!😭😭
I'm doing fine thanks, how was your summer?
awww ty!
hey evelyn! I just wanted to drop by and say hello! hru?
hru going??
I’m doing good! glad knowing ur alright~ and tyy!! been missing u and ur collages ☺️
Hiiii! I am Dora! nice to meet u and I am in love with all your collages! the text details are beautiful
My summer was so wonderful thanks for asking!😊
hey hruuu??? it’s been a long time
I’m glad you’re doing well! 💕
tysm! 💕
OMGGG YESSS!! I missed you smmmm
I’m great thx!! and tysm
how have you've been? 💗
ahhhh tysmmmm💗💗 and im doing good just rlly overwhelmed rn how r u
hii! 💗 that's great to hear & I'm doing fine, thank you so much btw!! 💖 you seem so nicee want to be friends?
thanks!! 💗
heyyy hru???
that's great!!! glad you're back as well💗
tysm! 💕
Evelyn when are you going to start posting again I miss seeing all your amazing posts!?
It’s 100% ok I understand take as much time as you need, and don't be sorry!😊
I get that
Tysm Evelyn!!!
hey hru
hope you’re doing good
when are you planning to come back? can’t wait to see you’re posts again
hey when are you coming back? I miss you!
ahhh tysm!! and ohhh but can’t wait and I’m goof tbx
hey evylyn! i miss u so much! when r u planning to be back?
oooh ok! <3
hey Evelyn!!
thank youuu!!
Hi I am Dora! I absolutely love your collages and hope to be friends!
please join my autumn contest! 🍁🍂💓
100% understood. i had to do the same thing stay safe <3
and thanks!
anytime :))
omg tysm!! how are you and how’s school?
TYSM <33
Thank you ❤
I’m great thx!! schools hectic
thank youuu 💕
Hey hru?
I’m great wbu??? and how’s school??
Hello! are you back yet?
Thank you so much! hope you have also been good! ❤️
I'm doing good thanks hru?
I'm doing pretty good thanks
oh okay!!
that’s nice to hear!!
hey hru??
i’m alright enough haha! how’s school going for you?
heyyyy! tysm!
heyyy hru? it’s been so long!
hey Evelyn! it’s been a long time 🤍
hiiiiiii! hru!
awhhh thank you!!!!💕🫶
heyyyy hru doing!✨
hey! how are you?
heyy hru evelyn 💕💕🫶🏻
i’m doing great! And thank you so much!!
THANK YOUUU. I feel like we haven't talked in forever ! How are you?!
I’m doing okay! just things are going a bit rough but I’ll manage it (mostly friendships lol)
did u decorate for Christmas?
aw thank u!
heyy are you excited for christmas?
yes im so excited and tysm! what r u doingg for christmas? 🫶🏻
yeaaaa I did! I am so excited for it! it’s the most exciting and beautiful holiday everrrrrr💕💕💕
what r u going to do for Xmas?
how are you doing??
ooo sameeeee! and I am planning just To met with a few friends-and chill
idk-but I am not going anywhere special tho
Thank you!! Happy holidays ❤
i’m doing great also! and thank you so much!!
what have you been doing lately?
hey eviii hru? 🫶
God bless.Have a super Christmas ☃️❤️
and omg it is!
how was ur day? what have you been doing these weeks/months! I missed ya
that’s good! ye i’m alright! and tyyyy! what have u been up to?
ah yes school ofc
just been decorating/preparing the house for christmas, doing a lot of organising and things
ooh it’s near! i’m already on summer break (school holidays until next february) we finished school on friday
oh tysm! what about your collages? i’d love to see ur collages again <3
do u have pinterest?
yea i do
ya ikrrrrrr
school is always hard :(
especially when the end-of-unit tests comes
in Christmas, our teacher always gives us this test and bruh-if we did bad then-
I didn’t-YET
and omggggg that means so much!
i agree
thank you !!
thank you! ❤️
follow me or else
I’ve been great lately! Just busy preparing for Christmas! How’ve you been?
heyyy evelynnnnn
hi, just wanted to say I love your collage style!
I missed you sm! happy new year and merry christmas!
are you returning from your break?
ahh that’s great to hear xx
I am having a hard time, but I hope I’ll get better soon! I am already better than the last two days…life is just feeling weird yk?🥲😮‍💨
when r u coming back evi? we def needa collab!
hey Evelyn!! how have you been?? I’ve missed your stunning collages 💕
hey evelyn! how are you??
your collages are gorg!! xx
hiya ooh really!? ur back! yass!
well I hope you post soon tho evi, miss ur collages!
and aww thanks! yep I am happy too😁
Ahhhhhh thanks nice to see you online again, how have you been! I miss your collages I really want to see your collages again they were so good
aww yep that’s good! we’re glad to have you back!!! and your collages are always a great inspo for me💕
i’m doing well! what’s been up lately?
and thank you so much evelyn!!
Thank you! ❤️
heyyy eviiiiii!
thanks girl! and ur the best xx💕🫶
TYSM 🫶🫶🫶
hope ur ok
how are you doing? I miss you!
just checking in!
what’s up!
thanks evi!!!
well yk me…..drama lol
but it’s getting better!
anyways ya it is…but I just feel distant now with my friend group
like the closest ones
so before you remember my friend who doesn’t want to let me be with another friend, we got over with it. it’s not great, but it’s okay. the two other friends that are in my friend group are like: BFFs (I just switched schools btw last year so-) and uh sometimes they just create these groups where two of us four be together and the other two be together (ik it’s weird) and things like this just keep happening and I am feeling rlly overwhelmed ahahhahaha. anyways so when everything FINALLY comes down, I feel like me and my friend doesn’t have much to talk about, and she is kind of wants to hangout with the other two more than me now, and sticking with them more😭
and anyways I just feel like sureee I can still stick with them but what happens if I branch out yk?
like others sometimes invite me to go talk and walk with them it’s just I always want to keep trying to make the friend-who-now-doesn’t-like-me-much happy and tries to be friends with her still
so ya :( sorry I had to put this all on you
also thanks again 😭 I always admired yours! I just love the vibes it gives me….spring+butterflies 💕
doing ok!!
yeah! what have you been up to?
aww thanks evi, your a great friend 💕
you wanna collab?
it’s always school isn’t it lol 😭
aww no worries! it was just a random thought, but whenever you think you have more time, just tell me okay? I am currently on a not-posting-break so I don’t think I will be posting any sooner <3
and thank you again evi, it rlly means much💕
thank you so much 🤍
awww thank you EVII!
thanks evie! missed u ❤️
Hey Evelyn! How are you doing? I miss you!
I’m doing okay! I’m always tired oml😂😂
new post!
how are you doing? I miss you !!
I just realized you have been on break for a year and a half..
heyyyy im doing godd hbu? ive missed u sm ❤️‍🩹☺️
I’m doing good !! What have you been doing lately?
oh just the usual going to school and stuff !! but I’m going to Chino Hill this weekend !!
Evi!! what’s up? missed ya💕
thank you!
hi Evelyn I just wanted to come back here and say hi to some close friends! how have you been? I’ve missed you pc has changed so much! 💞
yeah I’ve been okay I have missed Pc so much! so many people have left/taking a break, I was thinking I might start a new account, cause I have kinda changed my style x
aww!! missed you too🫶
I am pretty good aha, but I think I have a major crush on someone….👀
hey evelyn! how are you?
aw same here💕💕
i’m doing well!!
are you planning on coming back soon?
hey Evi!! I missed you!💕😭 how are you? I always loved talking to you <3
i hope you’re back soon <3
hey! Are you coming back soon?🫶🏻
hey Evelyn! how have you been?? 💕
Hey hru??
hey evelyn!! how are you doing??
hey evie hru?? 💕
Hey sorry for copy and paste… Your account is gorgeous and I would really love if you check out mine! Thanks!! 🙏 👍💛
wow your account is gorgeous🩷🩷
aww of course <33
OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH😭😭 this means a lot coming from you, your collages are so inspiring! would you like to be friends by the way?🫶🫶