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Imma attempt to revive my extremely dead account so here’s a random edit cuz why tf not. This took me waY longer then it should’ve but OH WELL it turned out oki in the end-

Anyways, the boredom is real so.. anyone want to chat?


🍊 tap 🍊 Imma attempt to revive my extremely dead account so here’s a random edit cuz why tf not. This took me waY longer then it should’ve but OH WELL it turned out oki in the end- Anyways, the boredom is real so.. anyone want to chat?

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This is absolutely stunning I love how you did the text with different fonts and color schemes to match the background this edit is wonderful!!😊💐
Also quick question would you like to be friends?
This is absolutely gorgeous!✨🤍
i love you account!💖
also I would love to be friends with you!☺️
Thanks for spam!💗
also do u mind if I ask what ur name is?
Awwwww thank you and thank you so much for the spam
When was the last time you were on Pic??
Oh that’s a nice name! my name is Liana!
ah Ty for follow!! would u like to be friends?? I love ur acct sm! 💕
This is cute!!I was stalking my friend and saw you have been here since 2018?
this is gorgeous
the textttt it’s amazing
new post btw!!
Do you mind telling me your name it’s 100% ok if not!😊
Also wow that’s like 4 years I'm glad your back!!
This looks stunning!! Love the colours ❤
well I’ve been here since 20 and not a lot has changed since then but if you were from 18 maybe lots of things changed😅
its been awhile since u have been on PC ;-;
welcome back 💕
oh yeah!Some people left since I kinda quit then came back:( but they also came back but a few of them left again
My name is Lucy and your name is really nice!😊
Would you like to collab? Just wondering because maybe that can help you get back into making collages/edits it’s ok if not!!
WOW this is so so pretty 🤩 love this account
I love this acc!!!
Yay thank you!☺️
Do you want me to make the chat page or do you want to?
I’m wondering if you would like to be friends??
ofc 🤍 tysm!!!
I’m great hru??
btw tysm for spam of likes 💕💕
hah yes it’s not dead as you thought😂 Well not lots of people know it but there’s a good amount of people to! I some times stalk someone’s page and find new people😂
me too!!
But the worst kinds are the one who pretend to be Charlie and Dixie so much as other people😇 It just makes me cring reading them😩😩
Oh yes! Mayeby not all of them are but I’m sure they are all cring but there’s some acc I keep finding their like there is this one girl in their comments like ,” OMG UR SO HOT!” like bro-
yes yes only Charlie and Dixie😮‍💨 I found I actually don’t know how dumb those people who actually believe them tho-
I found bellapoarch bro-👁👄👁 How far is this going to go- If I see one more I’m literally going to spit on the phone👹
I don’t know yet wbu?
I know right 😂
I’m hungry but we have PE :-|
seems fun lol
yum but I just ate :D
I found another😧
aw tysmmmm
Pozza and some strawberry milk some cookies
wasn’t that good cause it’s✨school food✨🤚
what are your pronouns?
oh that’s so cool!😆
awe thank u!
I’m currently at school rn wbu?
ofc! thank u💖💖
Thank you ❤
um, obsessed!
oh hey, I recognise your user.! I don’t think we ever talked before, but I do remember seeing your collages and liking them very far in the past. it’s nice to see you back, and your collaging has improved a lot! :]
well u prob already know by the content I post cause ima gurl and my names angel but my full name is Angelina u prob see with my bio and suddenly this sentence turned into a paragraph<33
yes yesXD when ever I type something and it’s supposed to be like a sentence I always make sure they get it😂
that’s how it gets turned into a paragraph;-;
Your grams owns a farm?Did you,.Ride a horse👁👄👁
birdie…I found another her names moly and her user says im single and she’s twelve👁👄👁
aweee tysm😭💖btw i love your pfp eheh🥰🥰
re//: yeah! they are a couple here, some people have come and gone but that’s how it is. I’ve been here for a long long time now and still find myself unable to leave :’) I’m glad you’re happy to be back, welcome back!!
OH A TEN YOLD?I found her once and I kinda cringed to hard and never Ever went to her acc anymore😭
Like it’s so scary😔
Oh my fquacking god👁👄👁 Molly said she called her crush and she said ✨ He LoVeS Me ✨ and the camera was like up her face and I. could Look it turned into a paragraph now;-;see her hairy nostrils:D
yesss exactly my point😂 Bro what is with ten yr today🤩Like bro not all of them are like that but the Emily and moly like gurl-People really think Ruth is latterly social media like to and insta😒
They prob use pc caus they aren’t old enough for tat😟
But if you want to see Molly girl you can always look at my followers😂 She’s at the top and look at her recent posts-
kids these days-
Uhm idk but I’ll tell you when my next collab is die😟
not all of them but the kitchen lights and the tv dint work for some reason🤨
also what part of the world do u live in?It ain’t stormy here
Oh and yes ofc I would do the collab😭 And brb ima steal the post<33
and who am I to turn down such a great offer anyways👁👄🩴
yes I do to🤤
wasn’t stormy for me🤨
ah welcome back :) great to see you back and i absolutely love the simplicity of this!!
ofc! you do something for me, and I for you ☺️
hiii✨tysm for the nice comment!!!
And your account is really beautiful too!! You're doing an AMAZING job💖😊 Obsessed with the way u do the texts, love your collages!!
aww...you seem very sweet too!! hope we can be friends and maybe collab sometime🥰
new post
yeah that would be great!!🙃 who should create the chatpage??
re//: yess! coming home from school to make my silly little posts not caring about anything but talking to friends on here. I really miss those days, I’m sorry your parents found out and you had to leave, I don’t know how I managed to keep it from mine for so long I still think they don’t know lol
but yeah! sadly lots of people have left, especially people I was close to, but so many new people have joined and it’s nice to see this place still going. it may be a lot quieter than usual but that’s ok, it just means the people here and genuine and good friends
haha but still, welcome back!!
✨🎠new post☺️