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Yeah, I totally get that bc that kinda happened to me too after I came back from my giant 5 month break. I don't think you're doing anything wrong, your edits are still as amazing as they've always been. I think because so many Harry Potter fans left PC, there hasn't been a lot of activity going on PC, so that could be why you're not getting as many likes as you used to. You're also pretty active on PC (from what I can tell anyway) so that's obviously not an issue really. I think the best strategies I've used to get more likes is to interact more with people, like complimenting posts, giving feedback, entering contests, etc. I also think that exploring different styles can attract a wider variety of people, as well as following a wider variety of styles. I don't know if this could guarantee anything, but usually this helps for me when things seem to be dragging on. Sorry if this was kind of vague but I hope I could help you a bit! Good luck fren💕