finally an og style? (3/3)
this was def rushed, took me no more than 1 hour- 
regretting abt not thinking of this earlier cos it now looks like a theme cover 💀💀
would love criticism/feedback on this since it’s my first attempt on an og style


⚓️25/3/22⚓️ finally an og style? (3/3) this was def rushed, took me no more than 1 hour- regretting abt not thinking of this earlier cos it now looks like a theme cover 💀💀 would love criticism/feedback on this since it’s my first attempt on an og style

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I will respond to all your comments later I promise you :) I'm just busy on spring break rn
this is STUNNING 🤩🤩🤩
the simplicity makes it look immaculate ♥️
this is amazing! Ty for all your nice comments! 💕
also, would you like to be friends? I’m laura!
I love the simplicity of it 😩
also I have to see if I saved it anywhere 🙈 I deleted it from pc but I’m pretty sure it’s saved on my Google drive 😌
Ahh this looks so pretty!!
Thank you!! You're seriouslo so sweet all the time 🥺❤
Yeah I use b&w a lot for like faded or past things or something? Like the poem talks about someone who used to be your everything. So I used b&w bc that always gives a contrast, like past - present. Idk I just love that :)
Yeah lately I've been loving these kind of repetition poems. It's kinda inspired by Bella Townsend (poems.bybella on insta) I've been following her for a while now and I just love the way she writes. Also love the idea of titles kinda being part of the poem instead of just being like one or two words :)
It's always lovely how you find your own meanings in my poems, like it's so cool that everyone relates in different ways 😊
i’m not even—
this is so gorgeous like honestly i don’t know how you do it
LYLY THIS IS STUNNING!!! i love that it is very minimalistic, but still it looks soooo elegant and gorgeous😍 i really really love this style of yours, ugh i wish i could make something like this!
btw thank u so much, you're the kindest!!! i've been doing good, school is fine tho i have to give a presentation on monday so i'm a nervous wreck rn😖 how have u been??
you’ve met my sister I see😅she’s alright.....
I’m kidding she’s pretty great. I don’t think we’ve met before, but my name is Brady:) Your style is amazing btw!!
I love this so much so stunning, it looks so elegant and beautiful I love this new style I want to see more!!❤️
you know me lyly, I love minimalism so the plainer background highlighting the middle really speaks to me xD
maybe if any, add more lines / geometric shapes? might make it look less like a theme cover. nevertheless it’s stunning and fits so well with your b/w theme! 🤍
yeahhh I saw the glowing text attempts Michelle did and thought i might as well try her specialty too 😅💕 it felt right in the moment if that makes sense haha. I’d be so down to collab with Michelle but our schedules never aligned properly for it to happen 😫. one day though 😤
re from extras// haha thank you lyly- I write really slowly though 😂 if you want to see printed printed though you have to see my notes 😳 that one is arguably even worse
and tbh I forget to journal too :,)
sleek and chic. I’m obsessed 🤩
and thank you so much! always appreciate your genuine comments ☺️
yeah, I saw it and I was like, I guess I’m posting :)
he’s so great, but I wouldn’t want to date both of them 😳
besides he’s actually not bf material lol
oh yeah! season 5 is supposed to come soon, but I already know what’s going to happen because I read the manga lol
you don’t have to watch it, I know you must be busy
actually I forgot to mention, my ex bf found out I liked the new guy, and my bsf told me about it. I just want to move on, so why is he so concerned with this?
yeah, school’s been pretty easy lately it’s pretty nice. I’m actually not allowed to use them, but they never actually say anything so I keep using them
oh is your friend okay now?
was the training fun at least?
all kinds basically! lyrical, hip hop, ballet, jazz, you name it!
wow that sounds like a lot! how do you think you did on exams?
ahhh tysm!! <3
it’s so clean and minimalist I love it smm
hey Lyly!!! I made an attempt at one of these cool graphic art collages, what do you think?
This is gorgeous! It’s so simple and beautiful to look at and it really just speaks to me!!!
hi lylyyy!! first of all thank u so muchhh😩🤧💞 and secondly, same, i'm literally having the same problems as u are! i have also updated the app but nothing changed, i guess we just gotta wait for pc to fix this bug🙄🥰
and good luck on your exams!!! i'm sure you're gonna di great💗
oh tysm! I was thinking that the off center would look slightly aRtIsTiCaL but it looks silly now that I think of it! thank you so much Lyly!
yeah thanks for all your kind comments! the plagiarism problem has been rly annoying me lol especially bc I deal with a similar situation at school,,
oh it was inspired by this collage I think
and is it just me or can you not also see ur profile??
ofc!! and yeah it's super annoying... do u remember how long it took to get fixed the last time it happened? just trying to figure out how long we'll have to wait for lol😂
You should make more of these they are so beautiful I love them and so does other people!!❤️
thanks babes
why not! I try to make your collages but it’s just not my thing!!! you’re an awesome person and you make beautiful collages ♥️
thank you so is this 💗
^^ I’m not having issues, but it definitely has something to do with the newer updates. I don’t update my app so I’m. it experiencing problems but I’ve heard other people having this issue right now
ahh tysm!! I’m trying to put my 10+ years of Chinese classes to use 😂 it’s so hard to think of a name though?! that’s the best one I could come up with that had meaning but also flowed off the tongue well-
this is a gorgeous style!! it’s definitely unique, and I love the colours, text and image you used! it all works so well together!!
of course!
nO you cannot steal him, but you may borrow him for a hug :]
yeah, all of this is pretty much for fun anyway :)
hehe yes I copy you 😊
yeah! whatever works for you! I’m sure you’ll like it
yeah definitely. I am ignoring him, but it’s hard when I see him everywhere
ah I see lol
that’s awesome! getting closer to people is always the best feeling
look at you smartie! good job on your exams!
HAHAHAHA ALL GENIUS IDEAS ARE CRAZY. I THINK IT'S A GOOD IDEA!! although on a different note, I swear a collab between me and michelle is long overdue. We've known each other for 5 years and literally have never collabed before ?!?
My first poems didn't have good titles either haha, just play around with it a lot. I honestly change a poems title like 5 times sometimes :)
Thank you Lyly! ❤️ Lol I don’t think much for captions. Lately I’m just captioning them as if I was posting them on Instagram or something. or a title for the collage idk lol
i moved here love
ahhh yeah :,) I was pretty busy with school and I also went on vacation so I hadn’t had much time to come on here
I want to post again tho and be more active soon 🙂 hru btw?
yeah i’m asian haha. i totally get the experience— it’s definitely not a fun one. however, i do believe that regardless of what our parents want, it’s our lives and we don’t have unlimited time. i strongly believe that people will find greater success doing the things that they love rather then things they don’t. it’s much easier said than done, but i think it’s important to mantain that mindset. i hope you’re also able to find you’re own path, not one that people are trying to guide you towards <33
don't worry lyly that's OK!! thank u for the info eheheh, we'll see how long it'll take this time🤷🏻‍♀️💗
ahh ty☺️ oo yea, I saw all your new posts they works so well together!
midterms are the worst 😞 I’m also having mine rn and it’s not fun lol
re//: no problem!! <3 of course, you can give him as many hugs as you need! he’s a lil stiff tho, I struggle hugging him, so good luck :’)
I sure hope not owl 💀
cmonnnn you are smart :) I know it
understandable, but i know you’ll make it through :)
Thank you!! Yeah I love the font for a more royal, or older, like medieval theme :)
Lyly is definitely not a boring name, I love it!!
Yeah I get it, that's why I used to go by Anne on here. My name is pretty standard in Dutch, but I don't think it really exists outside of it :)
so on my second account the glitch is gone, but on my main it is still happening idk why😩 hbu?
aw thank you Lyly!!!!! ❤️
thanks babes
aww hehe ty <3 missed you too 🥲
ahhh good luck!! tbh I’m only taking 4 classes right now and two of them are art classes, so I don’t have too much to study🙃
omg😭😭 that’s so much, I can’t imagine studying for all of that
this is so pretty