So this is my entry for @jizzel_pwark contest. Sorry if I wrote your username wrong. I hope you like it

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❤️Tap❤️ So this is my entry for @jizzel_pwark contest. Sorry if I wrote your username wrong. I hope you like it

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so cute ❤️❤️
thank you ~
thanks! :))
(SENT TO EVERYONE WHO HAS ENTERED THE CONTEST!!) hello! first of all, thank you sososo much for joining my contest! please go vote on which username I should change mine into, all the rules and stuff are there! you can only vote for one. :))
hey I think you have eczema it’s something related to the skin a friend of mine has it and she told me
Ik thanks ❤️❤️
awwwwww thanks Aima~~❤️
no problem I usually like to call people by their names so expect that later on ❤️
thank you 💜
oh my god this is cute! 💓
this is beautiful~
thanks 💕💕 and np ♥︎
school's alright, I have to apply for all my ap classes this week though and I'm stressed because I want credit for college
mines is myungjun uwu
thank you:) my bias is Wonho
thank youuuu
this is AMAZING!! and my native language is Urdu. well, so far I know only 2 languages but I am learning 3 more. I know Urdu and English and I am learning Spanish, Korean, and Uyghur
i’m doing good, thanks love :)
thank you
umm... Urdu is spoken in Pakistan
and that’s cool, I didn’t even know there was language called Dutch😅😅
hey...I’m just asking a few people if they could help me come up with a new username, the collage is on my page so feel free to comment if you have any ides, it really would mean the world to me if you could help out. lots of love~JeonJungkookiee
re:// no hunny dw abt it. it wasn’t only u and I actually had my cousin ripwrite it because I was busy lol. but ur edit was pretty! and I’ll be glad to answer ur questions
thank you~💜
I’ve changed my user to sh00kiek00kie
oooooh. I never heard of Netherland. I’m sorry but I really don’t pay attention in class AND I’m really dumb😅😅
thank you❤️
thank you💜
awwwww thanks~~❤️❤️
DO. 😍
thank you! I’m sure you’ve been featured many times tho!
i am doing good~~❤️❤️
thank you!
this is BEAUTIFUL OMLLLL such a winning edit💕💕💕