QOTD: How was today's weather?
AOTD: 15 degrees F. 
(About -9 degrees C) ❄️


QOTD: How was today's weather? AOTD: 15 degrees F. (About -9 degrees C) ❄️

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I just woke up I'm pretty sure it's cold mines n0stalg1c I think I'll follow you I'm pretty inactive tho💕. and yep😂
ooo you got left back ?
OMIGOD that sucksss!!!!😭😭😭 well at least you won't grow up to fast??
😂😂 im so stupid sorry
k I'm keeping IT but if I ever get rid of it you can have it💕
THANKYOU and yes anything💕
um yes defiantly but it might not turn out well I'll try my best💕
im @waterismyelemeny
np send me the pic when ever:)
yes it's absolutely annoying
you're welcome! 💕
what's up:)
after that she cheered TØP on with me so it's okay. 😂😂 but I'm so sad they lost TWICE to Adele. I like her and all, but it should have been them. Also, they didn't even get to perform.
you saw it too? I didn't get a picture, sadly. 😭😭 the only reason I saw it was because I didn't care about anyone else but TØP, so I was just trying to find them in the audience the whole time if they weren't on camera. 😂😂
I wanted to find someone who saw the cuteness too and here you are! mission accomplished.
of course I wouldn't mind!
I feel awful but I won't be able to do it today because I have to work on a project that I haven't started and it's due tomorrow!
why r u so inactive is everything fine?😪