Collage by PC_Government


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yesss! I’m not sure if anyone else has this because no one has said this yet but for me, whenever I try to import photos, I can only do it when I first make a collage and not when I’m in the middle of one, if I do pc just freezes and I can’t import photos in remixes:( I hv to collect the photo and do it from there heh
are you part of the actual piccollage developers?
ah I was just hoping the developers would actually pay attention to us😂anyway love this idea!
hm? this account you mean?
great idea!
This is such an awesome idea
yes! I would love to sign up! you should partner with PC____News!
it always crashes on me
Hello! I’m an Anna too. :))
What’s your account? I may know you. I came back from a year break but have two years of being on PC I made many friends from
hey can you make the following into a remix and put it on your remixes section thanks :)
Forget everything i said ill do it
im so crazy omg
ok it’s hind 😏