Collage by SameOldSteven


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oh... I kinda figured. it’s okay though you don’t have to tell Skinner anything, if Steven has something to say to me he can come himself and tell me. thanks for delivering the news.
actually he was my on again off again fiancé, and we were actually together at the moment, so close is a bit of an understatement. and it’s okay, at least someone told me, you know
oh you knew him? well that sucks to hear... I kinda wanna cry
foster care? seeming as if I knew nothing
no unless he told me and I just forgot, but I’m almost certain I was never told that
wow, I wonder what else I didn’t know
yeah it was me, Joanna
awh, that’s sweet. I’ve just been keeping to myself, all of it still feels surreal
no I’m actually thankful someone told me instead of me just being in the dark about everything.
but I could use some company if your not busy and you want to
we don’t have to, there’s always tomorrow
see you
free now ?
remix me :)