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i’m so confused😬
ok listen. i understand where you’re coming from, it can feel good to release some of that inner frustration u may have. but spreading hate and lies about ppl is NOT the way to do that. you seem like a genuinely cool person, so why not use your account for a more positive purpose? I get that it feels good to release your anger on someone else, but in the end that’s just going to make you feel worse. it feels SO much better to spread positivity and kindness. if you just turned your account into something positive, me and the hundreds of other ppl on pc would all welcome you with open arms and support you no matter what. look, if you ever need to talk, I’m here and so is everyone else. just don’t be hateful towards people, it isn’t the way to solve things.
btw no one will judge you if you reveal your main- as long as you start over this account and stop hating on others, everyone will forgive you
so now you have apologized .Its good!What you did was very bad.It was heartbreaking...I also went through a lot of hate and its was awful.If you were depressed you should have talked to someone instead of hacking.Aotd:I wouldn’t hate on your main.Cause hating is horrible,but just never do that again please.thank you
^^^^Agreed.spreading hate is childish.
If you want to realease your anger.find something relaxing to do for example:meditating,yoga...etc.But Hacking and spreading hatw is just wrong.Just continue with your main acc do8ng things you live and spreading kindness and positivity instead of hate.
also sorry about my spelling mistakes.I’m just tired of hate these days..
I get bullied on top of all the other things I have to deal with everyday... not to mention college. Difficulties don't give you the right to go around hating people for nothing. You really hurt her. Honestly, it's not up to us to forgive you, it's up to her.
i’m just so confused
Hi! I’m sorry that you’re bullied, no one deserves that. But everyone is right, it’s not right to to do this and I’m proud of you for apologizing. Do you want to tell me ur main and we can chat and be frens? Because I’m here for you if you need it!
I agree with Leila101^^
It takes courage to apologize. but it’s still no excuse for hating. There are other ways to take out your anger
thank you for apologising, and I’m sorry you got bullied, no one deserves that. please don’t hate on others again. I won’t judge you if you tell us your main as long as you never hate again
we won’t bully you if you tell us your main
you can tell me in private if you really want❤️
this is very sweet of you I’m glad there are some people who change their ways so cheers to you
Go check out turtle16’s acc! She’s backkkk!!!
wow what you did was so mean. I don’t understand
you don’t need to take out your depression on others like -dreamstars-. she is the sweetest person and I can’t even think of a reason as to why you could hate her.
can you please tell me your main?
I’d love to know
I’ll delete the comment as soon as I follow
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