17.10.20 「t a p」
back again :) how have y’all been? tell me everything I’ve missed out on in the comments, I’ll be reading and responding to all of them !!
QOTD: what are you most looking forward to when you grow old?
AOTD: retirement lol


17.10.20 「t a p」 back again :) how have y’all been? tell me everything I’ve missed out on in the comments, I’ll be reading and responding to all of them !! QOTD: what are you most looking forward to when you grow old? AOTD: retirement lol

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mini update: actual exams are starting in a month so this month is going to be quite hectic! I’m sorry in advance if I don’t respond straight away, I’m still going to try my absolute best to be as active as I can
yay i’m so glad ur back hon and doing better!!! and don’t worry about not being as active ur doing ur best!!💖💖💖💞💞💞💕💗💗💗
Welcome back and hope you are doing great!
babyyyy ur back🥺 i’ve missed you tons ! how have u been?😽
you’re back! idk if you remember me but i hope you’re doing well, and good luck on your exams🥺💕
omg stoppp!!! ur the sweetest ilysm!! nothing that major just bc of covid just a very chill year unlike yours as it sounds!!💖💖💖
omg hiiiii welcome back!!
2020 done did us dirty😔 oooo exams are fUn😂 i don’t have midterms until decemberrrr, i’m on fall break rn😎 but it hassss been so long since i’ve spoken to you☺️
well i got my permit a few days ago so i can drive (with an adult) now😎
omg ahhhh I’ve been doing well overall, just stressed!
also YES all of the colors and the costumes in Ratched are soo nice to look at.
i really liked everything else about it tooo! and yeah the negative reviews also kind of scared me but I’m so glad it ended up being good!! but honestly I’d watch anything with sarah paulson in it even if it was terrible 😌
and thank you so much 🥺🥺🥺
aw thank you!
aww yeah it’s been a while! honestly same this past year has been quite awful for me lol but I think it’s getting better! but I really hope yours turns out well, if you ever need to talk to someone I’m here❤️
yeah half my school (including me is is online) and masks are still the norm ofc. my country (and stupid state) has not been doing that well w corona... but oh well :/
but i hope everything ends up working out for you!!💖💖💞💞💞
HI!! 💗💖💕 I’ve missed you 😽😽🥰🥰 how are you? 🥺
well online is obviously much different and it’s a struggle but honestly it’s better than in person just for the soul reason that everything is open note haha
oh noooo🥺 studying is no fun :( and yeah i’d be happy to help😽
mother goose has only let me drive in parking lots so far🥴 but hopefully when i’m recovered i’ll get on the road. and you’ve had one too? they stinkkk no cap. i have t been able to do anything except sleep😳 i got kicked right in the face when i was playing goalie in soccer :(
aw no problem !! 🥰 I’m sorry that things haven’t been going well for you 🥺🥺 I hope they get better in the near future 🥰🥰 I’m kinda good?? I’ve been super stressed with school and doing it online’s given me a much bigger work load 😪. I hope we get to know each other better as well!! 💗💕
me @ all the bad vibes in ur life: 🔫🔫😾😾😾
aotd: being able to have a house where I can sing without annoying everyone 😳😳 also hanging out with friends freely 😌😌✨✨
Dude this year was a literal blur but at the same time it gave me a chance to really self reflect on a lot of things. But overall I think this year has been like most people's with quarantine, online classes, etc. How was this year for you?
omg yeahh!! she’s so talented and I loved her as bette and dot too 🥰 I don’t really watch many shows but I do like AHS! and the most recent show I watched besides ratched was a Korean drama jdjdnfbdjd so i really will watch anything lol
i completely agree my motivation is NONE EXISTANT like it’s so bad. i wish i could go back to school bc i’m such a social person and crave human interaction haha. but other than that in person school is too much of a commitment lol. i hope ur enjoying ur human interaction at school bc mine is still zoom university ahaha💖💖💖
oh geeeez😳 that sounds harsh. i can’t say i know what ball tag is😂 ig it’s not an american thing. and yeah i do wish i could be driving, but this phat headache gotta go away first😳 i slept for six hours today oops
also YESSSS tis a wig snatcher
you have to watch the music video tho😳 it’s so empowering
noo you weren’t annoying me at all!! the one I watched is called Crash Landing on You and it was my first time watching a k drama but it was so so good! the romance and all the friendships were so well developed and it was genuinely funny and also a bit scary at times and it made me cry a lot 😌
I can relate to the not doing school work thing 😳😽 we be: procrastinatin 🙈🙈 also tysm !! 🥺🥺 you’re too sweet 🥰💕💗
Oh man hope things are better now! I’ve had my stressful/bad/hectic situations too. Yes, there were positive take aways and I’m always looking toward that way instead of the negatives! Covid restrictions have lifted but no one actually cared and have been out and about in the US and my state. Luckily I’m at home this semester bc my uni had a rise in cases but things aren’t bad now. How are things where you are?
aww yeah me too❤️❤️
oop i know im late to this post but welcome backkk! we’ve missed u💜