I’ve been seeing these for a while so I decided to make one too! Happy summer ☀️ 
Layout inspired by @castlescience!
Tags: #summer #beach #qna


I’ve been seeing these for a while so I decided to make one too! Happy summer ☀️ Layout inspired by @castlescience! Tags: #summer #beach #qna

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favorite color
age (if you want)
favorite season
favorite movie
favorite song
who’s your favorite celebrity?
what’s your fav tv series?
what sport do you like the most, or play?
favorite candy
what’s your favorite type of music?
favorite food
favorite pic collager
least favourite fruit and least favourite book
Favourite songs at the moment
Favourite aesthetics
Countries you would like to travel to
favourite season?
favourite thing to do when relaxing?
do you go to church weekly?
favourite app?
favourite emoji?
do you have any pets
what age were you when you first fell in love (if you have)?
how do you deal with rejection?
What inspires you to make incredible collagea
Favourite albums that you enjoy listening to
Do. you own any records what ones
why do you continue to create / what keeps you here?
song recs?
something / someone you can’t live without?
love or to be loved?
favorite pc font to work with ?
haha I’m not good at coming up with questions 😅
Favourite book?
One of your favourite memories?
What does your ideal holiday look like?
favorite season?
favorite holiday?
any siblings
fav Disney show
where do you live? (country)
dream travel destination?
book recs?
music recommendations
favourite singer?
how long you been on pc
which fictional character do you relate to the most?
If you could be in any tv show or movie what would it be
if you could be anywhere where would it be?
i’m good thanks, wby? anything exciting
First kiss?
Favorite actor/actress?
Favourite and least favourite thing about pic collage and why
Favourite tv show or movie characters that are style inspirations to you
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i’m good thankssss, wby?
ahhhh tysm it's beautiful!!
would h make another icon for me? changed my username 🙈❤️ tysm!
Hii! Can you please make me a profile pic?
i miss you too!! im hoping i can find the time to come back soon❤️❤️
I’m so sorry about that I totally forgot but you definitely deserve the credit since it is such an amazing icon!
hey laura! hru?
heyyy hru?
question: do you enjoy to draw and if so what is your fav /art style