caption in the comments cause it's gonna be long :)


PINK FLOYD || TIME caption in the comments cause it's gonna be long :)

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CAPTOIN: so yeah...there's kinda been a lot going on in my life lately so this is gonna be a life update/rant. i was horribly sick this weekend, to the point where i didn't even have the energy to scroll through dumb cat memes on instagram. this actually happens to me every year now though (it's caused by the abrupt temperature change this time of year) so i'm kinda used to it. i'm fine now for anyone who's wondering. i also haven't drawn in days due to this so now my art block is back so that's fun. and i've kinda reached my limit of being able to put up with my family. (they aren't bad people or anything i'm just very different from all of them so we don't get along well) so yeah, the past few days have been kinda bad but it's getting better so don't worry about me :)
(cont:) getting better so don't worry about me :)
also i just realized this collage isn't centered and now i'm mad at myself
oh well
guess you all get to hear my one am thoughts now
go to sleep please
😂 please do
this is stunning😱🥺
this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL
i hope you feel better :(💕
you’re welcome💞
love <3!!!!
noooo I’m not that prettyyyyy
and the only reason I conquered my art block was cause of your advice :D
no I’m nottt
and you’re helpful all the time
no I’m nottttt >:(
and yes you are
no I’m nottttt >:(
):< no I’m not >:(
thank youuuu
Thank you!! :) I LOVE THIS SONG
this is so beautiful !!! 🤯🤩
glad to hear you're feeling a little better 😌💓 it's a bit of a weird time and totally normal to feel fed up
you are never boring, Pink Floyd❤️
thank you sm🥰🤩
yeah, i’m just hoping they accept my makeup request. they probably will tho bc a lot of people are having this issue apparently
and thanks :)
yeah you’re probably right i’m just paranoid😂
thank you elisza!! 🥺🥺💓💓
check this out
this is sooo cool 🤩
aHHHH🤩🤩 I’m in love I swear this is heavenly
phenomenal 🌈
ok this looks gorgeous what the fckkkk