Collage by CreatingPoetry


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THIS IS SO PRETTY! thank you btw! how are you today <3
yes Dutch and German are pretty similar!! Norwegian is also similar actually! I know English (haha) and a good bit of German. And I can speak/read/understand bits of: Thai, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian, Arabic (only a tiny bit lol, I just started), Burmese, Shan, Japanese, Korean, Spanish (i know more of spanish than most other on this list lol) and idk what else. I just LOVE linguistics. Oh, ancient Greek and Latin. I maybe wanna study linguistics <3
bro for real 😮‍💨 like where are all the changes you promised 🤨 literally getting ghosted by a corporate company…
aww ofc, you're so sweet!!💕 i'm glad to hear that, what have you been doing lately? & i'm pretty good, i had to do some things for school today and i met a few friends later.. this is STUNNING btw, the layout & the text fit together perfectly and i just love the poem!!
omg thank you so so much!
Anouk wow this poem has got me feeling so many kinds of emotions. on one hand it’s be made up of so many different pieces, but the undertones of the poem feels somewhat sad to me. maybe it’s my mindset and where i am in life right now, but this poem sums up perfectly what it means to try and find your sense of identity in a world where we all want to be this one thing. excellent poetry as usual :)
WOW I LOVEEE THIS!! You're so talented!!
Awe thank you sm ❤️ I'm doing fine, I went ice skating w some friends today, it was super fun :) hru doing? how was your day?
Thank you! I also love this collage! This is one of my favorite type of collogee^^
aww thank you so much anouk!!
love this 💞