tappity tap
eeeek first collage~I am actually kind of happy with this ✨
Who else is an absolute swiftie?


tappity tap eeeek first collage~I am actually kind of happy with this ✨ Who else is an absolute swiftie?

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and omg I loveeee taylor!!
omg wowowoow this is so so so pretty!!! 🤩🤩 and welcome to pc girlie! ooo what advice would you like?
aww thank you so much❤️i love to look at pinterest, most of my edits are inspired from there. if you don’t have pinterest and you want to get ideas you can always search google with a description of what you want to make like ‘simple green collage’. also welcome to pc! my names olivia✨
awww ty💗 really I get inspiration from people (if you do make sure you give credit) or I get inspiration from Pinterest
I can already tell that you’re going to be the meandmeonly jr.
thank you so much!!💗 this is absolutely gorgeous😍
welcome to Pc! I mostly get my inspiration from other collages but integrating my own style in them or I’ll look on weheartit for inspiration. If you have any other questions I’d be happy to help❤️
Love this! I see u r new! Welcome! U r gonna b an excellent collager and will get lost of features! I know it.. How about we collab?!?
wow! this is GORGEOUS!! and welcome to pc!! my name is Skye. wanna be friends?
love ur icon btw
aw tysm for the follow!
Sure! I also have a surprise for u on my account! Come check it out!
WOW AMAZING! welcome to pic collage ❤️❤️I'm seesee let me know if you want anything!
welcome to PC!! we’re really happy to have u💗 I mostly extract inspiration from various advertisements and Pinterest scrapbooks or photography. other times I simply go off the quote I’m using :)
love this and welcome to PC!
whoaaa this is beautiful!!! welcome to PC!!💜💜
welcome to piccollage! you seem so sweet! thank you so much💗 I’m Liv it’s wonderful to meet you! honestly I’m fairly new myself. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have! if you ever need to talk I’ll always be here☺️ I mainly get my inspiration from other incredible collages and make it my own
and this is absolutely stunning💗
warm welcome to pc!! hope you’ll love this community as much as I do :D if you have any questions feel free to ask me!!
call me Cindy btw :)
also I’ve been playing the whole lover album on repeat for a month now, I’m still not tired of it 😂🤩
Thank youuu :) This is gorgeous! Welcome to PC! 💛
Welcome to PicCollage! To be honest, I’m not very active right now, but it’s great to meet you. Usually I just start with finding a quote and making a collage based off of that or the other way around. I usually keep a color scheme in mind. This is an amazing first collage! (much better than my first for sure 😂)
aww no problem❤️
wow this is so beautiful
this is super duper gorgeous! welcome to pc 🍊🌿
ofc! just find out your favourite style by experimenting and mixing random pngs around until you find one you’re happy with! feel free to take inspiration from other accounts but make sure you write ‘inspired by’in the caption and make sure you put your own elements and not copy it word for word. if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!
OMG THIS IS AMAZING! welcome to pc, I'm so glad to see another swiftie on here! lmk if I can help with anything
i love this sm omg
Ummm... I would suggest scrolling through Pinterest and looking for cool pictures. You can also look at other accounts and use their ideas but make sure you change it up a bit and give credit
thank you!! omg this is amazing😍😍i’m such a swiftie tooxD honestly just keep doing what you’re doing! take time to find your style and play around with fonts and colors!
thank you!! what I do is just go with any idea that pops in my head, even if it seems too hard or too weird. I also use Pinterest and I look through there for photography stuff, people, and art to get inspiration and ideas. Experimenting with different styles is fun and it helps you discover your own style. Goodluck and I am so looking forward to seeing your future collages!
this is beautiful btw
I have u a shoutout so u can get more followers! U have 33 atm! U will b at 100 in no time!
this is so gorgeous
WELCOME TO PC!!! Love you soooooooooo much!!
amazing💗so good💞
Welcome to PC your work is fantastic and I already know your going to be a great touch to PC!
this is so beautiful!