Jackson and Alex made out last night.....



Jackson and Alex made out last night..... ...kinda.

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yes, lettuce
Chloe was most likely in her dorm, working on a drawing. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a drawing of Alex and Jackson. It was a drawing of her and...someone else. She hadn’t finished the drawing yet, so it was just her holding hands with a person who has yet to be named.
Eliza was standing over by a window, dressed in all black, and crying.||Alex was...you’re never going to believe this...sleeping. Yup.
“Hey...” Chloe put down her sketchbook and walked over to Eliza. “You ok?” || Jackson was asleep. And snoring. Snoring pretty loudly. I’m surprised Alex is still sleeping.
(Jackson and Alex: *walk in with their hair a mess and very sweaty* Alex: Sorry I’m late I was doing things..... Jackson: I’m things.)
“I-I’m Fine Chloe.” Eliza looked up and smiled. “Why wouldn’t I be?”||Alex finally woke up (thanks to Jackson’s snoring) and poked Jackson’s arm. “Kid. Wake up. You sound like a swarm of zombies.”
(ah yes. that situation. it fits them nicely.😂)
“You sure? You’re dressed in all black again and you’re crying...” Chloe frowned || Jackson’s head shot up. “Swarm Of zombies? Alex, get the thermos. It’s a zombie apocalypse.” Jackson jumped out of bed, grabbed Alex’s desk chair and barred the door.
(yes it does😂)
“No...I’m not fine...” Eliza admitted.||Alex laughed. “There are no zombies Jackson. Calm down.”
“What’s wrong, if you don’t mind me asking?” Chloe said. || “Oh.” Jackson put Alex’s chair back and climbed back into the bed. “Then Why’d you wake me up?”
“It’s my brother....” Eliza said. “He’s been killed.”||”Because you sounded like a zombie and woke me up.” Alex said
“Aw...” Chloe hugged Eliza comfortingly. “That must be awful....” || Jackson stared at Alex for a moment. “I did?”
“I think I ought to explain to you how bad the situation is...” Eliza sighed.||Alex nodded. “Yeah...” And at that moment Alex’s phone rang. “Hold on...I should probably get that...”
“I- If you want.” Chloe said. || “Okay.” Jackson looked at the blankets. How could he possibly have sounded like a zombie?
“Well...I don’t know if you know this, but I used to go to school at Columbia University.” Eliza began. “And students there are being murdered. My brother is one of them.”||Alex picked up his phone off his desk. “Allo...? Mr Schuyler?!”
“Th- that sounds scary....” Chloes eyes widened in shock. || Jackson looked at Alex and said nothing.
Eliza nodded. “For the past year everyone thought Alex was the next target.”||”Phillip...dead?! What?!” Alex said. “Yes...I promise. I’ll do my best.” Alex hung up and put his phone down on his desk.
“But... he isn’t, right?” Chloe stammered. || “Who the hēll is Phillip? And why’s he dead?” Jackson asked. The first question could be answered easily, but not the second one.
“Apparently not.” Eliza sighed.||”Phillip is Eliza’s brother.” Alex said. “And he’s been murdered.”
“T- that’s good.” Chloe said. || “Huh. Murdered....” Jackson said.
“No...it’s not. Now we don’t know who it is.” Eliza shook her head||”Murdered.” Alex sighed. “It should have been me...”
“So you’re telling me there’s this person who kills people at the school you used to go to and nobody knows who it is?” Chloe sounded confused. || “Shut up! No it shouldn’t have!” Jackson grabbed Alex’s arm.... for no reason whatsoever.
I have to go, I’ll be back at 2:30. you better be there😘
“Yes! That is exactly what I’m telling you!” Eliza said||”No...it was supposed to me. This is why I said you should stay away from me.” Alex jerked his arm away from Jackson
“That sounds.... crazy.” Chloe’s said. || “L- look... I’m sorry for anything I ever did that made you mad at me but... I- I just... I didn’t mean to upset you...” Jackson said.
okay...I’m back
sorry...my friends mom is driving me home so there was some confusion
yo, I’m the mean one
okay...I need to show you what me friend did at dance today
you should be😂
yeah...and then everyone started doing it
yeah. let’s just hope Nellie and my friend Sarah don’t notice😂
“I-it is pretty crazy...” Eliza admitted.||”Jackson...I’m not mad at you...not at all.” Alex said.
“Hey... wanna do something to get your mind off your brother?” Chloe asked. || “I know... it’s just that I know I can be very annoying at times... and I’m sorry for that.” Jackson sighed.
“Thanks Chloe.” Eliza smiled a little||Alex laughed. “You? Annoying? Absolutely not.”
(Sorry I disappeared...I had to navigate the way out of me friends car)
(it’s fine)
(and let me tell you-it is gross)
“No problem. We can get... ice cream?” Chloe said. || “Oh really? You’re cute.” Jackson smirked.
“Yeah, why not.” Eliza said.||”We aren’t having this discussion again.” Alex sighed
“Great.” Chloe smiled. “I know this great place where they have cookie dough ice cream!” || “Like I said, I can be annoying.” Jackson said.
“Cookie dough is my favorite!” Eliza smiled||”You aren’t annoying.” Alex said
“I love cookie dough too!” Chloe smiled. || “But seriously you’re like so cute.” Jackson kissed Alex’s cheek.
“Golly, we were really made to be friends.” Eliza laughed.||Alex sighed. “You know what? Believe what you want.”
“Do you need anything before we leave?” Chloe asked. || “Aw. You’re not even arguing.” Jackson frowned. “It’s fun to argue with you.”
“No, I think I’ve got everything.” Eliza said.||”What, do you want me to argue with you?” Alex asked
“Kay! Let’s go!” Chloe grabbed Eliza’s hand and left to go to the ice cream place. || “Maybe...” Jackson whispered.
Eliza went along with Chloe...and almost fell.||”Alright, Fine.” Alex said.
Chloe grabbed Eliza and made sure she didn’t fall. “You ok?” || “What did you think of my pick up line yesterday?” Jackson asked.
Eliza nodded. “I’m just clumsy...”||”Ugh...I can’t even remember.” Alex said
“Aren’t we all?” Chloe laughed. || “I said that I could carry the whole world in my arms and you said it was impossible and then I picked you up like this.” Jackson picked up Alex.
“I guess.” Eliza shrugged.||”Ah yes. Now I remember.” Alex said
Chloe walked for a few more minutes then... they were there. “Here we are.” || “And I carried you for 2 or 3 hours and then we fell asleep at 1 in the morning.” Jackson said.
“Wow...that was fast.” Eliza said.||”Yes. I remember.” Alex sighed. “My memory isn’t that bad.”
“I guess...” Chloe shrugged. || “And then you woke me up this morning Cuz you said I sounded like a zombie.” Jackson glared at Alex.
“So...should we go in?” Eliza asked.||Alex smiled. “Hey, it’s the truth. You did.”
“Yup.” Chloe ran inside with Eliza and got their ice creams. She gave one to Eliza and said, “Here you go, cookie dough ice cream.” || Jackson tried to stay mad at Alex, but he couldn’t. “That Dāmn smile....”
“Thanks.” Eliza smiled.||Alex laughed. “I know. It’s really the best.”
“No problem.” Chloe smiled back. || “I hate it but I love it...” Jackson sighed with a smile.
Eliza took the tiniest bite of her ice cream and smiled. “This is pretty good.”||”I know. Everyone in the world would agree with you.” Alex said
“I know right.” Chloe took a huge bite of her ice cream. || “Too bad mine isn’t as cute...” Jackson smiled, but his smile wasn’t as cute as Alex’s.
“Don’t get a brain freeze.” Eliza laughed||”Yeah. Too bad.” Alex smiled
Chloe smirked. Ha. Brain freeze. “Freeze your braaaaiin.” || “How do you even do that?” Jackson asked.
Eliza rolled her eyes. “Shut up.”||Alex shrugged. “I have no idea.”
“Okay...” Chloe took another bite, a smaller bite. || “Maybe it’s because you’re short... That’s the only thing I’m missing! I need to be short and then I can have a cute smile!” Jackson smiled.
“Just...don’t get brain freeze.” Eliza said, taking another bite||”No. It’s not because I’m short.” Alex said. “I think it’s just natural.”
“I’ll try not to.” Chloe said.|| “No.” Jackson said. “I’m pretty sure it’s because you’re short.”
(I’ll just follow him around, repeating “Kinky” again and again until he goes back to Dear Evan Hansen😂)
“Good..” Eliza smiled.||”No it’s not.” Alex shook his head. “My brother has the same smile and he is...I think 5’10”.”
(I think you might get arrested)
(I’m willing to take that chance.)
Chloe took another small bite and... got a brain freeze. “Ooooouchieeeee.....” || “Keep me away from your brother at all costs, please.” Jackson said.
(Elisza. We can’t have him leaving. He is the only one who can sing kinky. If anyone else tries to sing it, it’ll just be terrible and weird.)
(Well...you don’t know that. the guy I saw as Connor was as good as mike)
“Chloe!” Eliza laughed. “What did I tell you?”||”Why?” Alex asked. “He’s actually pretty cool...”
(Yeah but that’s Mike and some other stranger guy I don’t know about. We are talking about freaking Will who plays freaking Jared.)
(I guess...)
“I can’t control it!” Chloe giggled. || “Because. Then I might fall in love with him.” Jackson said.
“I said to try not to though...” Eliza said||Alex laughed. “You might. Some people think we’re twins.”
“I’ll try not to get another one...” Chloe said. || “I really don’t wanna do that.” Jackson laughed.
“Yeah, do that.” Eliza said.||”Hey, maybe next time he comes here demanding I give him money I’ll introduce you to him!” Alex said
Chloe cautiously took another bite, managing to not get a brain freeze. || “That is the last thing I want you to do...” Jackson glared at Alex.
Eliza sighed. “Chloe...can I ask you something?”||”I’m just joking. But seriously, if he ever shows up here, don’t be shocked.” Alex said
“Sure.” Chloe said. || “I’ll try not to be if he does.” Jackson shrugged.
“I-you know what, nevermind.” Eliza took another bite of her ice cream, trying not to be too awkward.||”Not if Jackson.” Alex said. “When.”
“You sure?” Chloe asked. || “Well... when he stops by, I’ll try not to be shocked.” Jackson said.
Eliza nodded. “I’m sorry...I’m just kind of out of it..”||Oh yeah. And you’ll never guess who’s been standing in the doorway. None other than JJ himself. “Be surprised when who stops by?” JJ said.||Alex groaned. “Perfect timing.”
“Well that’s not good! I am here to cheer! You! Up!” Chloe smiled and put her arm over Eliza’s shoulders. || Jackson ran into the closet and closed the door. “Tell me when he’s gone!”
“I-I don’t think you understand Chloe...” Eliza shook her head.||Alex sighed. “Jackson get out of the closet. Please.”||JJ laughed. “Oh man. That kid is insane.”
“I know you’re sad that your brother died... B- but I can’t magically revive him from the day...” Chloe sighed. || “No!” Jackson shouted, and started to make origami.
“My brother...he was like my best friend. A-And my parents won’t even let me come home...” Eliza said.||”Fine. But I need to get in that closet anyway...” Alex said
“Your parents sound mean...” Chloe said. || “Kay Fine.” Jackson stepped out of the closet, looking down, still folding an origami swan.
“They are...” Eliza said.||Alex went into the closet and came back with an envelope which he gave to JJ. “That’s $500 dollars. I’ll meet you for breakfast tomorrow.”||JJ opened the envelope briefly to make sure Alex wasn’t lying. “Fine. I’ll see you then.”
“I’m lucky I ran away from my family...” Chloe smiled awkwardly. || Jackson tried not to look up, but he did. “I hate you.” He whispered to Alex.
“I guess you are.” Eliza sighed.||”Shut up Jackson.” Alex said before pushing JJ out the door.
Chloe looked down at her ice cream which was beginning to melt and took 3 whole bites. || “Thank god that was a short transaction.” Jackson sighed.
(Hey Elisza did you hear that George Salazar would love to play Evan Hansen but he couldn’t because he had brown skin? Probably not. I feel sad for George.)
Eliza looked down and stirred her ice cream which had become ice cream soup.||”Before you say anything I had no idea he was coming.” Alex said
“Aw... it’s practically melted by now...” Chloe said. “Wanna get going?” || “I totally believe you.” Jackson rolled his eyes.
“Yeah, we probably should.” Eliza nodded.||”Jackson, I’m serious. I didn’t know...” Alex said
Chloe stood up and threw away their trash. “Let’s go.” || “Well... your brother stopped by, I made a terrible impression, and now I feel really weird.” Jackson sighed.
(so my little sister asked me to reveal one of my biggest secrets and I said ‘I can’t do that’)
“Yeah...lets go.” Eliza said standing up.||Alex sighed. “He probably won’t even remember you any way.”
Chloe grabbed Eliza’s hand and began walking back. || “I hope he doesn’t.” Jackson said.
(She almost got me.)
“Hey Chloe...do you think it’s weird that we hold hands?” Eliza asked||”Honestly Jackson, it took my best friend twenty minutes to convince my brother I was actually who I said I was when I last went to the Caribbean.” Alex smiled. “I think you’re fine.”
“Nope. It’s just what friends do.” Chloe shrugged. || Jackson laughed a little. “Maybe you’re right.”
(Elisza. Shut up.)
“Alright then...my parents would kill me if they saw us though...” Eliza laughed.||”Aren’t I always right?” Alex smiled
(Okay. I’m shutting up now.)
“But they won’t.” Chloe smiled. || “Nope. Not always.” Jackson said.
“Exactly.” Eliza said||”Yeah...well...I’m sorry about that.” Alex said. “How can I make it up to you?”
“And even if they did, we’re just friends.” Chloe said. “And that’s exactly what we’d say.” || Jackson smirked. “I’d like to play with your hair.”
“They wouldn’t care if we claimed we were just friends...”Eliza sighed.||Alex groaned. “Of course that’s what you had to pick. The one thing I hate more than anything.”
“Your parents really do sound mean.” Chloe said. || “Well can I?” Jackson asked.
“They aren’t mean.” Eliza said. “Just strict.”||”If that’s what I can do to make it up to you, then yes.” Alex said. “But otherwise, no.”
“You know what?” Chloe asked. “I like when we get to go out with each other.” || “Yay!” Jackson pulled Alex onto the bed and sat behind him, putting his hair into cute pigtails.
“Yeah...me too...” Eliza nodded.||”Just Whatever you do, don’t get my hair wet.” Alex said
“It’s fun!” Chloe smiled. || “I won’t.” Jackson put two little bows in Alex’s hair and smiled. “I’m done.”
(bye Elisza. I’ll be back in about 2 hours.😘)
“Yeah, it is.” Eliza smiled back with a smile that resembled Alex’s||Alex jumped up and grabbed a towel off of the back of his chair. “And now I can take a shower and get your gross hand germs out of my hair.”
(Okay...See ya then...)
well it’s either you or Nellie
“Aw... but you looked cute with the ribbons...” Jackson sighed. || Chloe walked back into the building with Eliza. “We’re back.”
(yeah. Nellie is the worst sister ever)
“Yeah, well I don’t do cute.” Alex said taking his sweatshirt off and leaving on his bed. “I’ll be back in a minute. Call me if you need anything.”||”I can tell Chloe.” Eliza said
(BAHA Try having 2 little sisters who always walk in on you while you’re listening to Say No To This.)
“Okay...” Jackson looked down. || “Wanna play a game?” Chloe smiled.
Alex left the room to try and take shower without being disturbed for once in his life||”Sure.” Eliza said, even though she wasn’t in the mood for games.
“Wait...” Chloe got a feeling. “I have feeling. I feel like I need to disturb someone right now...”|| Jackson was feeling weird, to say the least. I mean— Alex was naked and taking a shower, how would that not make someone feel weird?
Eyo Lizzie.
“That’s an odd feeling to get...” Eliza said||Before entering the bathroom Alex turned around and made sure everyone could hear him. “If anyone even tries to interrupt my shower I will personally slaughter you!” He shouted, trying to make a point.
Hey Liz
“I just... feel it.” Chloe said. “I have to disturb... Alex!” || ‘He’s going to kill the cats’ Jackson thought.
“Uh, Chloe, if you disturb him he will kill you. Seriously.” Eliza sighed||Alex by then had gotten in the shower, and was basically ready to be interrupted anyway.
“I don’t care!” Chloe ran off and waved to Eliza. “Bye!” She shouted, running to the bathroom Alex was taking his shower in and standing outside the door.
“I won’t stop him from killing you!” Eliza shouted after Chloe.
Chloe pounded on the bathroom door. “HALLO?! Sorry if I’m disturbing you, but I had this gut feeling that told me to annoy you when you got in the shower!” She shouted.
(so Elisza I had some stuff laying around on the living room couch and my mom went “Take it to the bedroom” and I said. “That’s what Lafayette said to Laurens and Alex.”)
“You know, my brother is in town Chloe.” Alex said. “He would gladly kill you if you didn’t go away.”
“Kay bye then!” Chloe said, making her way back to Eliza.
(I think it just blew over her head😂😂)
Eliza laughed. “Wow Chloe. I’m impressed. How did he get you to go away?”
“I... don’t know.” Chloe shrugged. “I don’t fear death. All I fear is that I won’t be able to do everything I’ve always wanted, so I don’t know how I got away.”
“Wow. That’s....incredible.” Eliza said.||Alex gave up on taking a shower and headed back to his dorm in a very bad mood.
“I have a motto for life.” Chloe said. “You only love once, so eat butter and jump off the roof of a mall.” || Jackson looked up at Alex. “Did someone disturb you?”
(wow Chloe. such and amazing motto👏🏻👏🏻😂😂😂)
“Interesting motto.” Eliza said.||”What do you think?” Alex said looking through his closet to try and find a clean shirt
“Yeah.” Chloe laughed. “I created it when I stole a box of butter sticks and had to jump off the roof of a Walmart to get away.” || “I feel sorry for you.” Jackson sighed. “Chloe prefers to pick on you more.”
“My god. You shouldn’t steal Chloe.” Eliza sighed.||”Yeah, well, I’m used to it.” Alex said, giving up on his search for a shirt
“That was...” Chloe had to count on her fingers how long ago it was. “5 years ago. I don’t steal anymore. I beg.” || “I’m bored.” Jackson whined.
“Well...if you need anything, come to me.” Eliza said. “I’d be happy to help.”||”Well, then what do you want to do?” Alex asked
I will Lizzie
“Okay.” Chloe smiled. || “Eat gummy worms while watching all the Twilight movies.” Jackson said sarcastically, hoping Alex wouldn’t take him seriously.
“I’ll do anything to make sure my friend is alright.” Eliza said||Alex groaned. “Ye gods, Twilight is absolutely the worst. Please no.”
“Aw, you care about me!” Chloe hugged Eliza. || “Don’t worry.” Jackson laughed. “I was only joking.”
“Of course I do.” Eliza smiled.||”Thank goodness.” Alex laughed.
“I have officially crowned you my second best friend in the whole wide world.” Chloe put an imaginary crown on Eliza’s head.|| “But I do have a good idea for something we can do with gummy worms.” Jackson smirked.
I might.
Eliza laughed. “Thank you Chloe.”||”Knowing you it’s not something good.” Alex rolled his eyes. “Are we gonna throw them out the window at random people or something?”
“I’m still waiting for someone to come along and take the first place... I don’t know who it is yet.” Chloe said. || “Nope.” Jackson opened a bag of gummy worms and began to make gummy worm wig for Napolean.
“Well...I hope that someone is a great friend...” Eliza smiled sadly.||”Jackson, that is the worst idea you’ve had yet.” Alex said
“I mean... I guess you could be number one.” Chloe said. “But then there’s Rye Bread...” Rye Bread was the nickname she made for her best friend since third grade. || “I think it’s an amazing idea.” Jackson carefully placed one gummy worm on at a time.
“No...I was just think about my best friend...” Eliza sighed. “And How he’s dead now.”||”It’s not gonna end well.” Alex said as Napolean shook off all the gummy worms.”
“Eliza...” Chloe put an arm over Eliza’s shoulders. “Can you stop thinking about your brother? It makes you depressed and I don’t want you to be depressed....” || “Aw...” Jackson looked at his failed experiment. “I really wanted that to work out...”
“I-I can’t Chloe...he meant the world to me..”||”I’m sorry Jackson...” Alex said
“I know what it feels like to loose someone close to you...” Chloe sighed. “I never met my dad. He committed suicide before I was even a year old... A- and I know how hard it can be to move on...” || Jackson walked over to Alex and put a gummy worm above his lip. “Gummy worm mustache.”
“Chloe, I’m not even allowed to come to his funeral...” Eliza said, trying her best not to cry.||Alex took the gummy from off and ate it. “Unlike the cat I am not you’re experiment.”
“Okay that’s just plain messed up.” Chloe said. “You should be able to go.” || “Unlike the cat, I can kiss you and it wouldn’t be weird.” Jackson said as he kissed Alex on the cheek.
“To be honest, yeah it is. I don’t even understand why!” Eliza said wiping the tears from her eyes||”Yeah...that is true.” Alex smiled
“I mean... why wouldn’t they want you to go?” Chloe said. || “Oh! I have a great idea!” Jackson said.
“I don’t know Chloe...” Eliza sighed||”And your great idea is?” Alex asked
“It doesn’t make sense...” Chloe said.
“This.” Jackson shared a gummy worm with Alex, one end in his mouth, one end in Alex’s.
“Something is going on here...” Eliza said. “And I’m going to find out what it is.”||Alex stared at Jackson in a way that pretty much explained everything. Alex does not like gummy worms. At all.
“You sound like a detective.” Chloe pointed out. || Jackson yanked the gummy worm away from Alex and ate it. That’s right. It’s his gummy worm.
Hi. Lizzie.
“Well...I’ll admit I did a little sleuthing back at Columbia.” Eliza said.||”You know what Jackson? You can have all the gummy worms.” Alex sighed
“Oooh. Coool...” Chloe said. || “You don’t like ‘em?” Jackson asked.
“Me and Alex...we tried to figure out who the killer was.” Eliza said||”Nope. I actually hate them.” Alex said
“I like to think of myself as a detective too, sometimes.” Chloe said. She was more of a stalker than a detective. Those are 2 different things, Chloe.|| “Aw.” Jackson sighed. “I thought the gummy worm thing was gonna be romantic... kinda.”
“Well...maybe you could help us out.” Eliza smiled.||”It would have been.” Alex said. “If I didn’t hate gummy worms so much.”
Chloe did that cute surprised gasp thing if hers. “I could?” || “Oh hey! Ever heard of the Pocky game?” Jackson asked.
“Of course.” Eliza nodded. “As long as you don’t mind creepy.”||”Nope, I haven’t.” Alex said
“I’m very creepy. Don’t worry.” Chloe said. || “So there’s this thing called a Pocky and two people bite down on one end and whoever eats the most first, wins. And if they end up kissing, it’s a tie.” Jackson smiled.
“I guess you are. Perfect.” Eliza smiled.||”That world for me.” Alex said. “Except I have no clue what Pocky is.”
“So... how do we do this?” Chloe asked.|| Jackson pulled out a box of Pocky and pulled out one small stick. “One half is chocolate at the other isn’t. And it’s really yummy.”
“Well...I’m not sure yet.” Eliza admitted||”Wow. Why have I not had that yet?” Alex said, mostly to himself
“Oh wait. I forgot. He’s back at that old school you went to.” Chloe said. || Jackson gave Alex the side without the chocolate and bit down on the side with the chocolate.
“Exactly.” Eliza said. “And that’s all the way in New York.”||Alex bit down on the side that Jackson gave him and tried to decide if he liked it or not.
“We can go to New York!” Chloe smiled. || Jackson stared at Alex and took another bite.
(Elisza I was listening to the Schuyler Sisters and I accidentally snorted what do I do?😂)
(pretend you are a floorboard)
“No way!” Eliza shook her head||”Yeah...that’s pretty good.” Alex said before taking another bite
(got it. *slowly sinks into floor*)
(you did it wrong)
“Okay. We won’t do that. We’ll just... Wait for it.” Chloe shrugged. || Jackson tried not to blush, but failed. He didn’t bother to take another bite. He wanted there to be a tie.
“I mean...how would we even get to New York?” Eliza asked.||Alex stared at Jackson and smiled when he saw him blushing.
(Well you are)
“We could get a plane there.” Chloe said. || Jackson focused on another part of Alex’s face that wasn’t his eyes. He focused on Alex’s nose.
(How do I do it then?)
“But would we even be allowed to go?” Eliza asked||Alex looked down and blushed a little before taking another bite of the Pocky.
(you lay down on the floor and tell yourself you are a floorboard)
“Even better. We get a private underground train and nobody would ever know we were gone.” Chloe said. || Jackson took another bite. They were almost tied.
(this is very relaxing.)
“It just seems like a bad idea...” Eliza said.||Alex closed his eyes and took another bite, trying to ignore how close he was to Jackson
“Yeah you’re right it’s probably a terrible idea.” Chloe nodded. || Jackson took took one more bite. They were tied, which meant they were kissing. Jackson blushed furiously.
(yup. it’s very calm.)
“Let’s do it.” Eliza smiled.||Alex blushed and sort of awkwardly froze up.
(you never realize the true peace fullness of the world until you lay down on your floor at midnight.)
(it’s only 11:53. that is not midnight)
“The airplane or the train?” Chloe asked. || “Uh... it’s a tie.” Jackson said.
(I’m willing to wait for it.) (it being the time)
“Let’s See...would first class plane tickets work for you?” Eliza asked||”Uh...Yeah.” Alex nodded. “Clearly.”
“I’ve never been on first class... Yeah! That sounds awesome!” Chloe smiled. || Jackson slowly backed away from Alex and began laughing hysterically. “Did we have to make that as awkward as it was?”
(you never realize the true peacefulness of the world until you lay down on your floor at midnight.)
“Perfect.” Eliza said. “Now we just have to convince Alex to stop moping around his dorm room and come with us”||Alex smiled. “I’m just an awkward person.”
(now you can say that)
(Elisza. You should lay on your floor too. You’ll find it quite relaxing.)
(I can’t.)
“Convince? I think that’s gonna be hard, especially if I’m going to be there with him.” Chloe said. || “We’ve kissed each other before, but that was just hilarious.” Jackson smiled.
“Chloe. He hasn’t left that room in days.” Eliza sighed. “I hope he’s okay...”||”Yeah, well I’ve never kissed you while lacking clothing before.” Alex said.
(my bed is too comfortable)
“He’a actually doing fine. Trust me, I know.” Chloe said. || “Good point...” Jackson said.
“Are you sure?” Eliza asked.||”I usually make good points.” Alex said
“Yup.” Chloe nodded. || “You’re lucky. Usually I would take the whole thing, but I didn’t this time.” Jackson said.
“Alright...” Eliza said, not sure if she should believe Chloe or not||”Does that mean I’m special?” Alex laughed
goodnight liz💙
“So, are we gonna go get him or what?” Chloe asked. || “Hm.... yeah.” Jackson smiled. He managed to smile almost as cute as Alex.
“We can get him tomorrow Chloe...” Eliza said.||”Ye gods Jackson. You have a pretty cute smile.” Alex said.
“That works for me.” Chloe shrugged. Then she realized what she said. Crāp. || “Aw well...” Jackson blushed and giggled. “Thanks...”
“Please tell me That was just you speaking and not a Heathers reference.” Eliza said||”You’re welcome.” Alex smiled
“T- that was just me speaking.” Chloe said. || “Aw...” Jackson sighed. “Your smile beat mine, once again.”
“Thank god.” Eliza breathed a sigh of relief.||”Sorry Kid. I don’t try to.” Alex said
“I would... never mean it that way... ever.” Chloe said. || “Do you have a flower I can use?” Jackson asked.
“I-I didn’t think you would...” Eliza said||”A flower?” Alex asked
“Yeah that’s just.... wrong.” Chloe said. || “Yes, a flower.” Jackson said.
“Yeah...it is.” Eliza nodded||”Yeah...I got one.” Alex took a red tulip out of his desk drawer and handed it to Jackson.
“Uh... So...” Chloe looked down at the ground. || Jackson closed his eyes and put the tulip behind his ear. When he opened his eyes, he looked freaking adorable because he was blushing. “Am I cuter now?”
“So...What?” Eliza asked.||Alex nodded. “I mean, you were cute before...but now you are even cuter.” Alex smiled
“I- I don’t know.” Chloe said. || “I knew the flower would work!” Jackson smiled, not trying to be cute. Be he accidentally was cute.
“Me either...” Eliza smiled awkwardly.||”You are always cute Jackson.” Alex said kissing Jackson’s cheek
“We could... go to sleep?” Chloe laughed a little. || “You too...” Jackson paused. “Sometimes.”
“Yeah...sleep sounds nice right about now.” Eliza said laying down on her bed||”Only sometimes?” Alex laughed
Chloe preferred to sleep on the floor with a big, cuddly teddy bear. She thinks it’s quite relaxing. “Sleep sounds very good.” || “Well... 3 out of 4 times you’re cute.” Jackson said.
“Goodnight then Chloe.” Eliza said||”Alright, that works for me.” Alex nodded
“Goodnight Eliza.” Chloe said as she closed her eyes. || “The only time you aren’t cute is when... actually. I can’t name a time when you aren’t cute.” Jackson’s eyes went wide.
Eliza fell asleep almost instantly, not having slept in a few days||”Well then. That’s interesting.” Alex smirked
“I- I guess...” Jackson said.
“Aw. Are you okay Jackson?” Alex asked
“I’m fine.” Jackson smiled and gave Alex a thumbs up.
“Alright then.” Alex smiled. “I’m going to attempt to go to sleep.”
“Before you do that, can you try and fix your ‘lack of clothes’?” Jackson asked.
“Why should I?” Alex asked
“B- because...” Jackson blushed. “I- I don’t know...”
“Fine.” Alex put his sweatshirt back on. “Is that better?”
“Yes.” Jackson nodded. “Yes it is.”
“Goodnight Jackson.” Alex quickly kissed Jackson before laying down and attempting to sleep
(I’m gonna go before I fall asleep on you😂)
“Goodnight Alex.” Jackson smiled and also attempted to fall asleep. He succeeded.