Collab with…
the sweetest @wanderingsoul! Julie did the stunning background & I did the text :)) it was so much fun to do this with her, she's so talented💞💞


Collab with… the sweetest @wanderingsoul! Julie did the stunning background & I did the text :)) it was so much fun to do this with her, she's so talented💞💞

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c trop beau!!!
oui j’habite en espagne
ça a l’air d’être trop bien et trop beau
je suis jalouse
de rien!!
je vais assez bien et toi?? 💕
oof. I h@te it when there is more than one test a day 😭 I have to go to the dentist today :(
but that’s so fun! I definitely wanna go ice skating this year! but I’ve mostly just been hanging out with friends and my boyfriend hahah I didn’t even realize I was so close to 400!!!
c super joli
super beau 😍
beautiful 😊
aww that’s so funn!
Stunning and amazing
aww this is amazing
and no we never told each other & i never told her!! and we’re not friends anymore because she took what i was going through the wrong way & ended up saying some stuff + it’s all over now!
and i’m so sorry you feel that your heart is empty, i hope you feel better 🩷🩷🫶
hii i’m good! how are you
thank you so much <33
this is beautiful, great job you two :)
I'm okay haha, school is so stressful rn but I'm rlly looking forward to christmas 🤍
I had so much fun collaborating with you on your second account.
merciii 🥰 (c’est une artiste que j’aime bcp)
that’s very true :))) !!! and i’m so sorry you feel that way, if you wanna talk about anything please lmk and i’m always here for you! 🫶
my day was okay :) kind of boring tbh- hbu though <33
good! im pretty much over the cold now :) sadly I have state testing tmr and Thursday 😭😭 wish me luckkkk
how are youuuuu?
dentist was good! braces are getting of in like ,7 months tho :)
Your welcome and that is ok for the theme as you can always do a summer retro theme on this account as it will be amazing
Same I am tired of going to school!! I hope I get to talk to my crush before the break ☺️
Lately I have been going to school and I wanna do some clothes for my dolls (yes I still have dolls even though I am lit in high school and a junior 🥲)
ahhh moi je ne suis jamais allee en alemagne
merci!! toi aussi
je vais passer mon aprem en apprenant un truc que je doi faire demain en classe!
et toi?
j’espère qu’il te va très bien, je suis sure que tu es très intelligente!
Aahh so pretty 💜
Thank you :)
emeralddreams pourrais tu t étonnez a moi si cela ne te dérange pas
t abonnez*
si tu ne veux pas dit le moi il n y a pas de souci
Girl it's just gonna be a week or two, just so I can focus on school and final exams ❤️❤️❤️ and I will be back soon either next week or the week after when I am finally on winter break 🤍🤍🤍
And I will be checking in once in awhile
I don't plan to ghost my account again
your welcome as your collages are amazing and summer theme is a really cool idea.
ah he’s! at least it’s ending!I can’t wait to see what I look like after my braces are off me! i feel like that become a part of me tho lol !
and my day has been great ! thank you for asking ☺️ how was yours? would you like me to make a chat page for us? if not, that is fine with me to!
hey so sorry I got logged out at forgot my password
Merci!! c Carlota ahahaha!! 🩷🩷🩷🩷
espagnol c horrible
je fais de l’équitation 🐴
ahhh merci!! 🙏
ty! :)
merci. merci ☺️ ❤️
je vais bien et toi ?
I will! I was planning on talking to him yesterday but he wasn't here 😭😭😭
I don't plan to leave PC. I abandoned one account but I don't want to abandon this one bc I made awesome friends like you!! <33
tu peux t’abonner 🥺 t collage son trop beau
ahhh merciii
I'm doing good, how are you?
is everything alright love?? 💕
me too! I’m having a late Friendsgiving/christmas party w 2 of my friends on Friday! & Xmas Eve is at my house this yearrr 😍😍
what are your plans 👀
thank you! I felt like doing a collage because I haven’t done one in a while and i wanted to do cottagecore theme! your posts always inspire me ! 🫶🏻
pop i
pop i
pop i
(did not mean to send that) 😭
anyways, me being my dumb self i declined your friend request on snap😭😭 i totally forgot i told u to add me hahah
aww thank you! 🩷🩷💖💕💖💕💖💕
I love you!
Im doing ok! Thanks for asking 💕
awww, I love ice skating 💖
hey are you okay?? you disappeared 🍓
Good luck on your exams!!!!!
rien , à par des cours 🤣🥲
Well, I talk to him today (I guess) and I believe Tuesday or was it Monday idk 😂😂😂 but I did talk to him. On Monday or Tuesday we talked bc of the lab thingy we did (it was about the scale 😂😂😂). Today was funny bc me and a friend were alone bc the rest of our lab group wasn't here and he was like I guess we are alone. I suggested to him if we could work with my crush. I asked him if we could work with him and at first he went huh bc I think I wasn't loud enough and I asked him again and he said sure. We were trying to figure out how to take this white solid out of the testing tube and umm... It was very easy!! The teacher put water in it and shook it and it fell out. Me and my friend laughed at how dumb we were. So yeah sorta talked to him, but about school work. I hope it gets more with personal topics to get to know each other 💓💓💓
Sorry about the big paragraph. Its just it was wonderful and exciting bc I put myself out there with nobody's help this time 😄😄😄
your welcome
girl, I’m gonna dīe bcuz of your sweet comments 😭 they’re so cute and friendly! today was good!I do not mind making it! do you want me to make it in your style or how?…
i’m so sorry that you’re going through all of that, and i truly hope it gets better. sending all my love to your family and i really hope that your mom and sister are okay. please hang in there, i promise no matter how bad things get there’s always a light you can find, even if it’s small 🩷🩷 i hope you’re doing okay and i’m sending all my love <33 🫶🫶
and thank you so so much ❤️‍🩹
depuis ily a 3 ans
c trop cool
ahhh cest pas du tout grave!!
so prttty 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼☺️
le français 🫢 et toi ?
yeahh i get that, it’ll get better though!!
mine start in 2 weeksss
Bjrrr comment vas tu ???
I'm alright:)) Wbu??
this is a lot smarter lol. my holidays start friday!
good luck at your performance!!! acrobatics is so cool, how long have you been doing it?
this is so so pretty!! 🫶🏻🫶🏻
thank you i’m okay! I’ve just been very busy with the holidays and there has been a lot happening lately haha!! hope you’re doing well!!
hey chloe !! I really appreciate you checking in on me.. i’m not doing so well, i’m also super unmotivated…
how are you doing??
thanks so much also the tips on creating a retro style collage was very helpful
je fais pas latin, mais j’aime bien ausssi l’histoire,
sinon la matière que j’aime pas c’est la physique chimie
thanks so much and of course with asking for tips for creating collages
YES!!! I'm really exited for Christmas!!! And for new years I think I'm going to a NEW YERAS PARTY!!! Are you doing anything fun??
well I don’t see the friend request anymore 😭
hiiiii I’ve been so busy and lost rn lol I’m so sry 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻
Thank you!!
I'm having a little pre holiday get together today :) Ahh I can imagine, school usually pushes everything in just before breaks, right?
AWW NO PROBLEM- me too… the past two days i’ve had exams and i still have one day to go😭 definitely gonna be my hardest test
but anyway i’ve been tired and stressed… excited for break and things hehee!!! hbu?? 🩷🩷
and how were your performances???
thank you ✨✨✨
thank u!! my holidays starts tomorrow! not much plans other then finishing christmas shopping, wrapping presents, and going out for breakfast on christmas eve! wbu?
Oui j’habite en France !
sinon t’aime bien l’art plastique ou la musique
I haven't talked to him at all! Today is the last of the semester and I can't talk to him bc of a test in that class 😭😭😭
well… a lot. I don’t feel like typing it all out rn but I promise I will soon. rn it’s thaft my favorite aunt and uncle, who are the only family members who have any chance of supporting my qu**r feelings.. they called my brother on his birthday today but they didn’t even send me a card on my birthday and I know i’m feeling selfish a ne maybe they tried to send one but.. idk my feels are crushing everything rn
how are you chloe?💜💜💜
yess they are!
im a US girly 😻😻
and im doing gooddddd first official day of winter break!! (it’s currently 1:35 am & im calling my bsf 🤭)
how are youuuuu
I’m doing greatttttt bruh merry Christmas
My day was great!! Went horse riding and painted my nails :) how was yours?
si tu veux visiter la France, une des plus belles région c’est l’Alsace
do you need to talk about it? 💜💜 i’m always here if you need!!
thank you so much chloe💜
hey!! I’m doing well! I just got back from college and have been making plans with all my friends :) how are you doing?
thanks so much your collages are amazing
thank you!
aww that sounds kind of fun but stressful at the same time!!😩 usually for us this stuff should be fun but holiday prep just gets more stressful each year😭 i’m trying so hard to make it fun
and that’s awesome i’m so glad they went well!! and honestly i don’t have many plans tbh- ofc we celebrate christmas and we’ve decorated and my sister and i just made our traditional cookies!!!! and we’re going up to michigan for a day after christmas so that should probably be fun :)
how about you?? how has your break been 💗💗
merry christmas!!! how are you???
merry christmas chloé!!
I forgot to ask how are you today???💜
nunnn MERRY CHRISTMAS THOOOO🎁🎁🎄🎄 I got an xboxxx hbuuu
your welcome
Thank you!!
I painted them a glittery dark green, very christmassy haha :) Ahh yes, family time is always great!! Today grandma came over for christmas and we did something we call "gourmetten", it's a dutch tradition were you grill your own food in little pans. Tomorrow it'll be our second christmas day and we'll go see some other family. How was/is your christmas?
C’est super Colmar ! tu es aussi allé à Mulhouse ou pas ? ou à Munster ?
awww thank you so much chloé!!
That sounds so fun!!!! I hope you'll have fun 🙃 No I haven't been there.
OMGH KOREA IS AMAZINGG i just wanna go back so badd
tehe yeah thats mee 🤭 and ty again ahh
it was super fun!! im always so busy on christmas bc i see both sides if my family but its sooo worth it :D
how was your christmas?!
oui, une fois , contrairement a mon frère
je suis allé à Freiburg
mine was great lol the Xbox took forever to set up but it was fun
It was fun!! What was ur fav gift?? Awe me too 🥹❤️
thank you chloé!!
awe thanks <3 well, I'm glad we have holidays now!!
thank you so much chloe ❤️❤️❤️ how are you doing??
aww that sounds amazing!
I loved christmas & I can’t wait for the new year haha
c'est cool ! ( apparemment le marché de noël d'Aix-la-Chapelle est super beau d'après mon frère )
(il a aussi visité Berlin)
Amazing collage and really pretty.
immm good sorry i was offline for so long
how was your christmas
stunning as always!! 🫶🏻
Ahh that sounds amazing too!! Do you get on well with your cousins? It must have been fun to see them :) I have had spätzle before, it's great!! Oohh the opera, did you have fun?
We'll probably spend new Year's eve with some friends coming over, do you have any plans?
Also making mood boards inspired by different albums and aesthetics as I have a form on my account.
OMGGG I HAVE GLUTEN INTOLERANCE TOO- fellow celiac here hehe :) doesn’t stop us from making delicious gluten free cookies 🤭🤭
and yess the first day there was fun but then the next day was a total nightmare 💀💀
and i’m so sorry you couldn’t spend as much time as you wanted with your cousins :// that sucks i’m so sorry, especially around the holidays!! 💗💗
and my week was pretty good otherwise though!!! just a lot on my mind <33 but hbu????!!💞
this is stunning🦋🪩
Thank you so much.
NEEDED THIS FREAKIG REMINDER BEAUTIFUL COLLAB QUEENSSSS <3333 (sorry i’m so excited to look at everyone’s collages they’re so fulfilling 🤍🤍)