'aqua eructo'
❤️qotp- which book?❤️


❤️tap❤️ 'aqua eructo' ✨harryfloopingpotterhead✨ ❤️qotp- which book?❤️

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thank you!
omg yes when molly killed bellatrix i was like OMG THANK YOU!! ❤️👏 and my names lucia (soo similar 😂)
hope it's ok I went very simple but it's really strong for what went on
yesss omg narcissa to me kind of seems a bit nice even though she's like a deatheater 😂 but she saved harry and really cared for draco ❤️
do you have a suggested word count?
Do you want a story, or like a little quote we made
thank you!
im so sorry im such a bad writer 😂 but i love drarry so i hope you like this! 💚🖤
if used give credit
I'll get started with this soon...💕😁
the first one that we made was by grc_Peaches and the second one was by loralym
Can I do a poem or is that against the rules? It doesn't say anything about poems, but I'm just wondering.
[UPDATE] - If you're reading this and you are in the games, I'm sorry I meant you must get at least 2 points to go through, not 8!
thank you!! ❤️
omg thanks so much for reminding meh!!! I'll work on it ASAP!😂💕
When are the results going to be posted?🤔