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okay it wouldn’t post with a caption, but sorry it took so long and if this is hard to read! I’ve been super busy lately but now im on spring break which is nice! hope everyone is doing well!
anyone into the grishaverse?
thank you! ❤️
Omg this is so good!! Love the idea ❤
Yess I've read all grisha books and I love them so much :)
MAN this is powerful
thank you btw <3
I’m good just excited
the line that said "why would she let him hurt her?" that rlly hit 😔
new post!
thank you!!! how have you been!
Wow so powerful! I love this!
that sounds like fun!!!
This is amazing, so powerful I love the layout as well for example how you added just some flare to the text with the differnet change of font and color. Gorgeous!❤️
💞💞💞 i am doing good and same here if u need t to talk
Tysm 🥺❤
awee ty!!
I love this! thanks btw <3
TYSM! I’m glad u like it!
Oh yeah, forgot to get back at you about the grisha books. I get your love for the darkling and although I don't really love him myself, I do think he's a very complex and interesting character. Personally I liked the six of crows books a bit better than shadow and bone, the characters are just more outspoken and fun I guess?? Like I missed some chemistry between Mal and Alina and Mal definitely wasn't one of my favourites, though I didn't h*te him. I also really loved the last duology (king of scars I think?) as Nikolai is one of my favs :)
Thank you 🥰
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hey how have you been?
Thank you ❤
I’m doing good thx!
Aahh thank you so much 🥰
thank you!!
wow this is so elegantly written. I love the word choice and the images / story my head is creating is so intriguing !
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Hey we have not talked in a while hru?
I’m great!! how are you?
How is school going for you?
awww ur welcome☺️
My last school day is tomorrow
hey how are you?
that sounds like so much fun!!! how’s school? and I’m good
I do have a lot have kind of a lot of plans I'm most busy in the summer
this is amazing, hru? <3
I love thissss
Thank you 🥰