My beautiful peaches💜
It been so long:(


❣️Attention❣️ My beautiful peaches💜 It been so long:(

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miss you!
It’s ok I’m glad your coming back 😊💓
the contest is a Icon Competition. rules and prizes are on my account. thx 😊😊
thank you 😊💓
aww love you take all the time you need! i missed you 💜💜💜
of course!! 💜💜💜💜
yay. take your time. thanks for the follow btw💜💜💜
thanks for the follow!
thank you so much~~🥰❤️ i’ll make sure to stay
re:// yes they disbanded in January and they were active of a total of 512 days. I cried and poured tears the day they disbanded
they were amazing and my favorite group EvEr. I rly miss them and I continue to 응원 them... Mine is Beautiful (fav song). And Spring Breeze makes me cryyyy
your collages are honestly beautiful.
your welcome. :) ❤️❤️
ik I saw it thanks beautiful 💘
and I do remember you 💖💖
hey! did you leave? :( I’m just back from a long hiatus... and oMG I mis you so much ☹️💞
how have you been?
I’ve been well, woah it has been almost two years?