Is this community dead? I haven’t seen anyone posting anything since...idk lol
So let’s talk~


Is this community dead? I haven’t seen anyone posting anything since...idk lol So let’s talk~

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(oof I forgot to say who posted’s me, Min)
hello everyone :) hru?
I’m leaving
noooo ;—;
and yes probably I will leave
hello I’m back
ikr ;-;
eh who should I pass this down too?
YoU wiLL nOt LeAvE
iF yOu Do...
umm idk what I will do
but please don’t leave 😔 we love you
(at least don’t delete your account)
it’s for you
re:// yayy iM yOuR bEsT fRiEnD iM hApPy
btw how can I call you? (and pls recommend me an anime I have nothing to do I’m bored >.<)
also I’ll add a new member to this community...we just have 5 or 6 members
I forgot to say who I will add 😂 @sparkling_universe she’s the sweetest AND we need new members this community is almost dead
oh okay
umm where can I find these animes? on Netflix?
btw have you watched The Seven Deadly Sins? it’s amazing uwu
thanks ^^
I’ll put the members’ usernames on the bio
hi! I just joined the group via kaidrama. nice to meet y’all
hey, Roses- changed her username to -fire-on-fire-
uhm guys I have to leave pc for awhile bc I lost a bet...but I’ll be back
y’all I’m gonna be inactive for awhile ~ confettixX
okay I’m back :)
ok same here
lol yeah
oof....universe? do you know the password too this account? and do you want it?
yeah I’ve got it
ok good! -confetti
hAi :)
hey where is nerd_potato4ever? she’s on private...does anyone know if she’s okay?
well I hope she’s okay...
and fire-on-fire- got a feature!! yes!
hey...please don’t be sad...ik you have never been featured but c’mon we all know that pc is blind, there are many edits that deserve a feature and they don’t get the recognition they deserve, for example your edits are amazing but pc didn’t feature them...also a feature didn’t make me happy when I created my account I thought “I want a feature” and I was really upset...but honestly a feature won’t change anything so please don’t be sad~ also you can’t get a feature, you left pc...
yeah Ik
I’m ok...hbu? -confetti
so uhm Ive seen Sarah’s (@kaidrama_fanpage...she deleted her main) comment and she asked if she could join the community...well she’s the sweetest and wE nEeD mOrE mEmBeRs well we should let her join
^ I talk to her on Twitter everyday and she said she was going to create an acc so she would have a main account...well we should add her
also Confetti (can I call you Confetti?) have you watched Death Note? it’s so good I started to watch it yesterday it’s so good lol
haiii ppl
good morning ☀️
^ uhmmmmmm we should add her...she created an account (@perfxctaelyy) and weLL wE ShOuLd AdD hEr
well I’m the co-owner I can add new members ig?
so I’ll add Sarah (@perfxctaelyy)
hey r u all dead? :(
I’m not
but our chat time is different
lemme answer your questions
and ig?
my insta is xxconfetti_everywherexx
and yes you may call me confetti but you can call me april
oof I meant “I guess” lol
okay I’ll add her :)
also that remix isn’t loading :( you remixed something right? well it won’t load
oml kaidrama is thinking about suicide pls help her
btw hiiii thanks for letting me join
of course
你好! hewwo my fellow Chinese buddy! 我是 Sarah, 我是美国人 (I’m half Chinese) also please speak English, its my first language, I only speak broken mandarin ;-; anyway hru?
hai <33
also April I’m feeling way better now :) I tried to kill my self but I’m okay now
* myself
aww that’s adorable uwu
^ hAii Sarah :))
also do you want me to call you April or Kylie?
hewwo everyone •u•
oOf this community is sooo dead :( what can we do to change that?...
hey April I was wondering if you’re okay ik this is random af it’s just that I care about you and I just want you to be happy lil dumpling 💕
^ are you happy? just wanna make sure you’re okay, i WaNt yOu tO bE hApPy uwu
April is everything okay? I ^ commented this 5 days ago and yea you didn’t answer...
oml this community is so dead rip