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If they were real friends I think they should realize friends don’t need to be together 24/7 to remain friends. Also if you believe these are toxic people, cut them out. The older you are, the more you find that most people really have a few friends they can trust. I for one can say that I have 2 very good friends and we haven’t physically seen each other in more than a year bc we all go to different universities. I find that real friend are people that you can go long periods without talking to each other but when you reconnect with them, it feels like the conversation just continues as if there was no time in between.
I think I’m just rambling sorry 😂
The older you get the more other stuff will take your time from being with friends and that's totally normal, nothing to lose friends about! I think you of course have the same right to say your options as the others. But it might be best not to write too many more responses as these online discussions tend to get worse and as you already said your opinions you now can leave it at that. Don't worry, this will blow over soon enough when someone of the others finds a boyfriend 😉
PS! You're a great sister, I mean, what are sisters for if not to defend and support each other!?!
god they are so childish🙄
i don’t have advice but up there there’s some pretty good stuff so 😂 ^^^^