Collage by stephhate


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can you like, go take a shower or something instead?
theres literally no reason to say this
literally no one asked and it’s not nice to hatw
my bf dumped me because I said that I was going to take his friend down because he’s a dîčk. now I just wanna kill my self
me or
unfollow me
this is an oddly specific command
shut ur trap u troutsniffing crust bucket
i’m so fed up from this
leave everyone alone
unfollow me
why would anyone follow him any way
unfollow me please
it would be a pleasure if you’d unfollow 😁
Bru wtaf!? unfollow me now!
ur so fxcking mental! this is just stupid asf! delete these posts now please
guys stop being soooo rude. she can post whatever she wants
stop it your so rude!
don’t tell steph to kill herself as someone who knows what it’s like for someone they love to kill them selves don’t say that people really take it to heart
leave steph alone
very funny.
We ended for reasons i don’t know
but we are doing fine
now leave her alone please
no I won’t shut up
. .
she’s on priv for a lil. .
she’s coming back-
. .
what do you want?
how am I freak show. . I doubt u rlly just wanna talk.
I don’t know what I’m supposed to care about. .
I care she was hospitalized and how stupid Simon is
well I mean you did just randombly leave her
simon?? why are you doing this tf
also where is tyler
yeah it’s me. please don’t do this
wow ok
can you just leave me alone god
or you could not.
i’m not a whxre
leave grace alone now. before you’re sorry
ur terrible. why would you wish these things on someone
you’re an insecure little prxck
go away okay
i’m done listening to you
your point?
just fxck off
do you need a hug?
well then how can i pray for you?
leave grace alone you b^stard. don’t you talk to grace that way. she’s praying for your ungrateful a—. so don’t disrespect an angel or you’ll meet h-ll
imma pray for you anyway :) i hope you get some good rest and wake up with a beautiful smile on your lovely face
dude wth!? ur like fxcking mental, stop this shii
1 you can’t even give a reason or even write a few more words just “kill yourself” like bro lazy much 2 bet she can fall off a roof slower than you take showers like I bet you smell dank asf bro and not the good dank ether 3 how about you jump off a roof actually you probs can’t with your fat self so how about you worry about your health and hiGene before h8 on her please and thanks 🤣
no you 😎
get a life sado
stop wasting ur life being jealous