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Excuse me? I have my own choices as well as you, and I don't care about LGBT at all. You aren't grown up not one bit. Please shut up and learn that not everyone has to agree with you
We don't need pity. You need a life.
All ur doing is seeking attention and nobody like that. You gay people think you deserve all this attention and love from us straight and non supporters but u don't.
okay what about you trying to share you opinion? aren’t you the one being disrespectful? the people that have made posts abt what they believe, we’re not disrespectful and mean like you
Jesus wants to save you but you always have a choice to what whatever you want with you life!
also if you’re saying that a respectfully and kindly shared opinion is harming you, then all of these posts on your acc are beyond disrespectful!
i love this account lol
People are so mad that you're doing the same thing they did but now it's about them instead
Ur making my head hurt
All you want is attention
Ur seeking sooooooooooooo much attention and ur wanting to start sooooooooooo much drama
Unfollow me right now this instant You are starting drama and no one here apparently appreciates you this is a sign to get of pc because you aren’t welcome with all the drama you are making so please unfollow me
mate stop being so disrespectful don’t just go say it’s ok to believe in something else and start insulting a different religion. mind you own business and care . about yourself
all you want is attention nowadays and if someone else’s shared opinion is annoying you, just quit