Collage by Tropical_Spring


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Welcome meandmeonly to Tropic Talk Show Tuesday. We'll start in the beginning When did you join PC and why?
ahh I think I joined two years ago around April ish and I joined because i heard about pic collage from school and it seemed really cool to see everyone make such cool collages and I was inspired by their creative talents so I decided to try too!!
That's awesome how did you get inspiration for your work?
ahh I think seeing everyone’s creations really inspired me!! my biggest inspiration would be @dancingflowers💗🤩her works are amazing and so are everyone else’s!! I love how everyone has their own unique style and that makes me inspired to contribute :))
I just looked at her account and I can see why you got inspiration from her. Her work is truly amazing
It seems like as I go through your account you have certain style. It takes users a long time to find yours how did you find your style and keep up with it?
ahh I’m not too sure I guess the pictures I find suit a particular style of collages!! also my style changes depending on the trends aswell :)
That's pretty neat. Now how long would you say each of your edits take you?
ooo well making the collages don’t take too long but finding the pictures take forever!! especially finding quotes😅😅I cant really give you a time since I don’t make a collage in one sitting I kinda come back to it in an hour and yeah but normally my collages can take a day or two to perfect :)