Tap Idek

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re:// ye lol- he’s so precious 🥺😂 Also a suggested anime: Maybe Soul water. I found it good but it took me a while to finish it
oooo omggg! i haven’t met anyone who’s watched soul eater!!! Death is cute and all but I really love dr Stein
I would recommend Fairy Tail, Yuriria! on ice, RWBY, and Kill la Kill.
Yuri! on ice*
re:// it’s not everday u find a person who watches soul eater UwU but yes they’re quite awesome ÒwÓ
Kuroko no basket, Bungo Stray Dogs!
Bungou stray dogs
you should watch ittttttt
and ps dAzAi is h o t
a silent voice is so good aksjalse
also fullmetal alchemist is absolute fire
wolf children is a great anime movie and you should watch given
ahhh I agree with @beanzuku a silent voice is soooo goooddd
but I would also recommend one piece. it’s really good, and the story plot, backstories, and art style are super unique and fun! (the backstories are really sad tho ;-;)
i really hope if u watch it, that u like it bc I know a few people who dislike it cuz of the art style/plot T-T