v late on the trend but oh well

i’m obsessed w these ngl


v late on the trend but oh well i’m obsessed w these ngl

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this layout though 🤩💗
your layout is to die for
how is this so pretty???✨
ooo cool
oh thank you, I will try! Also, I made this acc about half a year ago, but I deleted many things.
ikrrrr I was so close to bingo😪// omg that happened to me freshman yearrrr. Ew why tf your friends gotta do you dirty like that🙄😤// IKR GUYS KINDA BE STRESSIN ME OUT LOL
for track my coach always puts me in long distance so usually 800 what about you?
we were supposed to have a meet today but we’re not going because of rain lol
theyre white and i put stickers on them 😂
this is gonna sound so nerdy but i use a bunch of essential oils chapstick and lip balm😂 also coconut lip balm is🔥
ahh thanks 😁 sO i feel kinda badd about this but i forgot your name and im sO MAD AT MYSELF FOR MY FORGETFULNESS RN 😤 soo could you remind me ? :,(
yes ye we can english 100
oOoHhHhH we are so similiar like 👊👊👊
soo many people are named kat on here its so hard to keep track
im soo sorry 😭
pffft sounds like he needs to learn some sOciAL cUeS
oh oops😂😂
PFFFT who even does that anymoreeee😂😂😂
bro mango flavored or scented anything is the besttt. i don’t do it as much now but when i was younger and we would go on vacations i would always pack at least six lip balms but only use the coconut or cherry one the whole time😂😂 do you have a sonic (like the drive in restaurant) anywhere near where you live?
ewwww you gotta see him everyday?? awkward😣 do you guys talk on a regular basis
how was your dayyyy
ahahhaha omgggg// YES youse an independent individual ✊😌❣️❣️❣️
sry such a late response😂, but as basic(?) as it may seem succulents