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hello!! I can totally help!!
When you meet new people be sure you look "presentable" as my dad would say. Maybe straighten ur hair and wear something like ur favorite shirt and some jeans w/ some vans/converse/sneakers. If you don't like make up, don't wear any! They won't know weather or not you do have make-up on because they've never seen you with or without make up. Be confident! Keep your head up so you can spot people and maybe talk to them after school. Try out for the sports teams!! Some of my best friendships have come from playing sports bc we spend so much time together, oh and the memories are totally worth it.
don't get into drama super quickly
And be sure to always be in the library you can totally meet people there. In the library you can talk to ppl and always help them with their schoolwork.
DO NOT be afraid to sit with whoever!! If they say, "sorry this seat is taken" I would go sit somewhere else and then see if that seat was ACTUALLY taken or if they were just saying that so you'd leave them alone. If that's the case, that's how I'd know that they are fake and I should stay away from them.
Btw I meant during lunch 👆
But also, if any girls aren't nice during lunch, of ahead and sit with the boys. It won't be that bad. Just get to know them a little and they'll treat you like a sister
But most importantly, don't brag ab grades and how well you did. Boasting won't really get you anywhere. Be humble and kind!! What has also worked for me is I put nice notes in ppls lockers and that really helps so then maybe they'll think, "yk maybe she isn't so bad after all. Lets be her friend" you can also letter ppl by writing notes to them and leaving urself anonymous that works too
But always, always, ALWAYS, pray to Jesus before and after school. Don't sweat or stress it! You go girll!!
Hannah that’s such good advice^ idk if i can add anything!
The thing that helps me make more friends is being myself because if I pretend to be someone I'm not they may like me but I know inside it’s not the real me so always be truthful! Another thing is always be kind and try ask them a little bit about themselves so you can get to know them and if you should or should not, be friends with them! Hope this helped a little, just ask if you need anything at all!!😊💞
the advice given here is all wonderful, although i would just like to add that every school is different, so not all will be correct. when I moved schools, I really tried to insert myself into various groups, and that worked out for me just fine. another thing that helped was joining school clubs and/or sports. that way you have something in common with them, and camaraderie forms. Once again, everyone’s experience is different so the advice I just gave may not necessarily apply to you either.
* not all tips given will work is what I wanted to say in the first sentence. but just reiterating what’s already been said, let me know how things go! we’re here to support you! 🤍
just act like yourself don’t act like someone els to fit in I became friends with a girl bc she was kind and I liked her personality but she changed into someone horribal and my other friends didn’t like her either so be yourself and become friends with someone who wants you the way you are 😊
Awwwww your welcome!😊
okay so when I moved to high school I was the only girl from my school. i didn’t know how to make friend either, lol. what I did was I just sat by myself, and if anyone asked or said anything I knew about I’d turn around and add a comment and they’d acknowledge me and it would kind of just kick off from there :)
sometimes they are the person that initiates a conversation or decided to be nice. that’s one of the signs of a loyal friend 😊. what happened on the 3rd day of my arrival was I was standing near a rowdy group of people, and a girl came from behind me and pulled me from there. she said “you don’t want to hang out with this group of people, sit with me!” and we ended up talking all the time and we’re still really good friends now, she’s my bestie!
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Do you ever think “oh wow they look cool!” if you think that then go up to them and introduce yourself. I’m not sure if it will work 100% of the time but it’s worth a shot! Hope this helps!
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Join lots of clubs and just be nice. Try to include yourself in activities (as long as they’re safe) and be as open to making new friends as possible! Good luck 😊
just be honest!
iníciate a conversation they will know you trying
congrats on 800 girl! how’s your new school going? i hope ur ok 🤗
hey!! how are you? :)