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i got these fancy markers from my mum

they are truly vibrant




1 : 2 4 i got these fancy markers from my mum they are truly vibrant eNjOy 🐷

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hello bíítćh
I hv no idea what’s going on around here but like I just gotta say that that drawing looks cool. words and all
wait u hv a vààgìńà? I’m confused I sound ridiculous lmaoo
lol tbh you can say whatever the heck you want, but idk no offense it just seems a bit awkward? inappropriate? idk how to describe it, to be posting this because of how young people on PC can be. even if you didn’t mean it that way that can easily be used for inappropriate uses...so yeah. idk what I’m trying to say it’s just kinda weird to be posting this when there are thirteen year olds and people who are probably even younger here. I’m not trying to stop you idk why I’m saying this at all lol
r u ok eyala
^^ oof same
yee hi man
very vibrant :)
I’m alive so that’s something. how’s life?😂 also are you still playing your guitar like 24/7
that’s cool that you can get a new guitar.
oof school started for me last week. it’s...okay I guess😂
wait so r u a girl or a boy?
nice. I can’t imagine being a teacher. I can’t even deal with the kids in my class rn so doing that for the rest of my life is unimaginable
eyala you own it my bro ngl i’m a little bit triggered with these comments here but not at all by this post. this is a social media site and technically if there are young kids that shouldn’t see this stuff they shouldn’t be on here at all. just keep doing you eyala don’t let anyone say anything else
woW that drawing is gOALS
e x a c t l y plus thirteen year olds are already doing messed up stuff and worse things than seeing slurs or profanity , so really it’s just kind of their position that they put themselves in